The Kajot gaming brand is well-known for supplying land-based casino games for the last few decades Founded in the Czech Republic in 1996, and the company has been mostly dedicated to producing high-quality gaming cabinets, Kajot slot machines, and designing rooms so that their games can be played in a variety of places throughout the world.

While they have not been a major force in the world at large, this is still a respected brand in several different parts of the world today. The slots they produce remain a testament to the older, classic style of gaming.

Developer’s Unique Features

These developers are not like many of the casino affiliates that are seen in other areas of the world. Instead of focusing on making their games reachable on mobile platforms, the company instead works to create the physical casino experience.

However, they still offer the brand of slots online through their own personal online portal. Between the cabinets that they build for casinos, the slot machines that they sell to others, and the gaming hubs that they build this company is becoming a more familiar name in the world of casino gaming.

Kajot Casino Games and Slots

There is not a lot in terms of the Kajot casino slots because they are a company that is focused on the vertical and horizontal integration within the larger market. However, they have produced over 50 quality slot games since they were founded. These slots are classic in their design.

Instead of focusing mostly on modernizing, they want to provide the old-fashioned slot feeling that still appeals to people. It’s not unusual to see three-reel slots that feature fruit as their reel images. Here is a small selection of the most famous entries into their slot series:

  • Super Star 81
  • Moko Mania
  • London Pub
  • Joker Area
  • Demon Master.

This developer has won several awards for their products, but they have not been a contender for slot awards for the last several years.

Kajot’s Mobile Gaming Platforms

Kajot is a company that has been around for a while, but they have been somewhat slow to modernize. One of the major issues that are surrounding the company is that they have not done a whole lot in terms of mobile gaming. The slots that they have created for their online access are only developed for a single platform, and that is Android.

Yet, in recent years they have made a new online site to play their Kajot free slots. This online portal is somewhat disappointing to their loyal players because it is not accessible with some mobile devices, notably iOS. Either by being online using a PC or an Android phone, people can access some of the Kajot online slots.

Social Gaming Availability

As a more old-fashioned company, you shouldn’t expect the slots from this provider to be doing anything in terms of social media gaming. They do maintain a Youtube channel and a Facebook page, but there are no playable games there. They will link you directly to the company’s main page, and you can play the games there, but you don’t get to do anything on the social media pages yet.

Winning Strategies for Kajot

Since many of the games by this developer are designed to be vintage and classic, you have to play by those older rules. There are a lot of titles that feature a wild symbol that will have various effects on the games. Taking time to learn the different rules of each of the games you’re going to play is an important step that you can take to be successful.

Yet, aside from general game awareness, keeping an eye on the betting lines, and doing other such things, there is not a whole lot that you can do to get an edge in their games.

Security with Kajot

This is a company that is still growing and learning how to push its boundaries. There are not many companies that have a Kajot license for their games. They have sold their products in some casinos though including in the country of Romania as well as the Czech Republic.

Kajot is on the verge of creating some deals as a result of appearing at a major casino event in London, so it is possible that there will be more titles appearing in the future. The Kajot Casino adheres to typical security such as online encryption and third part assurances that the games are fair to the players.


Overall, Kajot is not a major player in the world of casino gambling. However, they have a presence in their home country because they develop software as well as products that populate gaming lounges and casinos.

Still, this provider is not finished growing yet. They are making small steps towards integrating their business with other casinos and companies in the near future.

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