GamesOS is a company that is not well-known to the people that play slot or casino games, but they are known to the companies that they serve. They are strictly a software developer so that you won’t see any GamesOS casinos or GamesOS slot machines out there today. The company is very popular in terms of the selection of titles that they provide to casinos all across the globe.

GamesOS was founded in 2004 and has been operating out of Latvia and Alderney since. The company combines the experience of the developers with the marketing strategy of the CEO to conquer the market.

Unlike other developers that were working around 2004, this one has strictly made slot and table games that are designed for use online since their inception. Basically, this is a company on the move that is using innovative platforms to reach customers even though it isn’t the one that gets the glory for making it work.

Unique Features on GamesOS

The GamesOS slots are not like the other developers from their era, as mentioned. Instead of making cabinets for their older slots, they had focused on digital playing and mobile games even when those concepts were still in their infancy.

That being said, there are some ways that users can tell GamesOS free slots apart from others on the market today. For example, the games are known for:

  • HTML5 development
  • Phone Mobile Capability
  • Ethnicity-based games from Asia and the Americas
  • Sports-based free slots.

There are many ways that people can tell that they are playing games that are developed by GamesOS, but these are some of the hallmarks for which they are most well-known. All in all, their unique features continue to set them apart while setting them up for success.

Casino Games and Slot Machines Available

There are a lot of different games available on from this developer, and they are famous for focusing on a specific set of games. For example, the developer has released a total of 115 games as of right now, and they plan to produce several more in the future. Most of them are slots and include famous titles such as:

  • By the Rivers of Buffalo
  • 888 Turtles
  • China Megawild
  • New York Gangs
  • Maya Wheel of Luck.

However, there are other game styles that you can find when browsing through the titles. In addition to the GamesOS online slots, you’ll find other common casino fares like poker, keno, roulette, and many more. There are a lot of ways for people to be entertained by this company by playing through the affiliate casinos.

The Mobile Gaming Situation

The GamesOS gaming outcomes for mobile is very substantial, to say the least. The company was one of the foremost developers when it came to adapting slots to mobile phones and tablets in the later part of 2008. They lead the charge, bringing software to Android and iPhone devices alike, and also included tablet support as those tools gained popularity.

Basically, anyone that plays mobile instalments of pokies has to thank this company for being a part of the initial investment and development of mobile casinos.

Social Gaming Availability

Another aspect of the products presented by this provider that is important to consider is the social media gaming crazy that they helped start. Many of the slots made by this company are found on Facebook and other social media sites, giving people the chance to take a spin on the slots while they are browsing their friends’ list.

The company is very effective at bringing in people by offering them unique jackpots and effects that make social gaming funnier. The chances are that if someone has played a slot machine on social media, then they have played one by this software company.

How to Win

There is no secret to winning that will change the outcome of your spins on the slots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get more out of your spins. For example, people can practice on free slots before playing for real money to learn more about how bonuses affect the games and how to use that to their advantage. A lot of the GamesOS slot machines offer free spins and other bonuses to take advantage of while playing.

Developer Security

The security for GamesOS games is just as tight as one would expect. They build their games to the standards of any country that allows their games to be made and played. In this case, the GamesOS license is derived from the UK and Latvia, providing players with plenty of assurances that their gambling products are fair.

Final Thoughts

Overall, GamesOS is a company that operates from behind the scenes. They still have a tremendous impact in many ways, though. They constantly lead innovation in mobile and social gaming, so their titles are bound to be played by plenty of people.

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