If you are looking for a premium and top of the world experience on a casino floor, then you need to look out for Everi casino sites. They dream, design, create and develop some of the outstanding games that you will ever come across online. The company is a new kid in a gambling town. But, it has a guiding father in the form of Global Cash Access Inc. (GCA), a casino technology solutions provider. In fact, the GCA bought Multimedia Games Inc. in 2014. It was a well-known slots manufacturer and developer. Both these two companies merged as one and were rebranded as Everi in 2015.

It is one of the leading developers and suppliers of cabinets, games, and banked solutions to offer game enthusiasts a thrilling and entertaining gambling environment. It also gives the affiliate sites plenty of opportunities to earn higher returns on their investments in this business. This business has spread its wings all over the world and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Its international headquarters is in Macau. Apart from the games, the company is a formidable force to reckon with when it comes to offering cash management services.

Key Features and Attractions of Everi Software

You can play the Everi games in as many as 1000 casinos spread all over the world. They include online and land-based casinos. It is a robust supplier of engaging and entertaining gaming machines that will drive more and more gamblers to the casino floor. There are over 80 testers and developers in the Everi team that work in unison to create out of the world gaming software products that are on par with the best in the business. They have come a long way from offering financial and payment solutions to offering quality and reliable Everi slot machines that are in great demand all over the globe.

The list of the various products made by this gaming software giant includes:

  • Slot cabinets like Skyline, Standard Mechanical, and Empire MPX that meets the modern player needs. They come with HD displays, touchscreens, game controlled lighting, and surround sound;
  • The Empire Arena and the Renegade 3600 are the premium products to roll out of Everi. These games have innovative and attractive design and style to ensure uninterrupted and seamless electronic gaming experience.

Slot Games Library of Everi

There are over 1000 Everi slots that you can play in many of the supported casinos spread over the internet. The pokies come with a high-quality design, sound, and animation along with iconic themes. They are on offer in various categories like premium, video, and mechanical. You can find slots with various payline options, bonus features, and volatility to suit a wide range of players from the first timers to the professional gamblers. The games come out with original themes and also are licensed and branded titles to offer wholesome entertainment for the player.

The following are some of the popular Everi free slots that will impress the players:

  • Black Diamond;
  • Great Tiger;
  • Jackpot Inferno;
  • Wild Wild Gems;
  • Mata Hari;
  • Royal Elephant.

There are also a wide variety of slots that you can play with real money, and they offer good payouts.

Mobile Gaming Options

If you are looking at mobile games, then it should be said that the company has not ventured into this field. The focus right now is to offer quality slots through online casinos. They would also be looking to expand their games portfolio on all popular mobile platforms. The Everi license, as of now, allows it to offer both land-based and online titles.

Everi and Social Gaming

There are a lot of gambling software developers who give due importance to social gaming. But, this is not the case with this software company. It has not yet given the nod to opening up its games portfolio on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Strategies to Try Out on Everi Online Slots

  • It is important to play in the lowest denomination machines to start with. This will help in minimizing the losses at the start;
  • Trying the titles that you like for several times in free practice mode is a good idea before playing with solid cash;
  • Try to make use of the max bet option every now and then during a manual spin as this is the only chance to gain larger prizes and also give a shot at the jackpot.

Safe and Secure Gaming

As this is a company that offers top-end financial solutions, there is no doubt that it has the best security options in place. They take great care in offering foolproof customer transactions on their machines.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that the future looks very bright for Everi. It also offers a wide range of wholesome services including quality gaming titles for the online and offline casino operators.

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