Core Gaming

Core Gaming is a multi-platform slot and table games developer that is getting a lot of attention around the world for their unique games. The Core Gaming games are only developed using HTML5, so they are not going to be seen outside of mobile, desktop, and social playing settings.

That being said, the Core Gaming slots that are in development today provide all of the innovation that is needed to capitalize on the market these days. Instead of spending their time and effort trying to break into the 3D design models for modern slots, they focus on the things they do best: 2D and high production sounds.

All in all, this company is gaining a lot of prominences in their home country of the UK as well as in Gibraltar and the United States. People that play in those regions and beyond can count on seeing the list of their most famous titles.

What Makes Core Gaming Special?

As previously mentioned, there are no cabinet versions of the Core Gaming slot machines. They are only developed for mobile and desktop gambling use. While that might not seem special, the important part is that they have made enough Core Gaming casino games of high quality that they are able to compete with software companies that have been making titles for many more years.

Another interesting thing about this provider is its multi-platform development. Most of their games were made to be accessed directly from a desktop computer. However, the fact is that they have expanded into other methods of delivery, including phones. Their games are optimized to be special, not speciality, meaning they aren’t technological marvels, but they are fun to play. The majority of their games are in 2D, emphasizes music and gameplay, and are available in many places.

What Kind of Casino Games and Slots Can You Expect?

The games that are released by this developer are mostly the slot varieties. However, they have partnered with some of their affiliate casinos in order to make sure that they expand into other games. Here are some of the most famous Core Gaming online slots that anyone can play while they are on an approved site:

  • Egyptian Queen
  • Galactic Strike
  • Frog of Fortune and several others.

This is not the developer with the most software out there. They have several dozen games, but they are always looking to expand into new areas. That’s why the Core Gaming free slots are so popular, though. They are mainstays with a lot of appeals that stick around for a while, so people love coming back to the same titles.

However, that is not all that Core Gaming offers. They provide poker, table games, and instant win games for their customers as well.

Mobile Platforms

As mentioned, mobile platforms are something that the Core Gaming gaming process is all about. They frequently work to develop the fastest and most secure mobile gambling experience out there for all new systems. Right now, their software is functional on Android, iPhone, Tablets, computers, laptops, and many other operating systems.

The developers at this company are completely embroiled in the work to bring mobile casino outcomes to as many people as possible. All of their mobile games, both pokies and other gambling products are able to be used on several platforms that are optimized by Core Gaming.

Social Gaming Opportunities

Another great part about this software platform is that they are very successful when it comes to their slot machines being used on social media. Among some of the most famous sites that the Core Gaming free slots can be played on is Facebook, but there are other ways to access the titles through social media. The developers believe in giving as many players as possible a chance to try out their titles, and releasing them through social media is just one of those methods.

Some Strategies to Be a Winner

Winning the slots or other casino titles that are made by Core Gaming is a matter of luck and knowing what you’re getting involved with. In this case, users should learn the payout lines, bonuses, and jackpots of all the things they are playing before they pay real money to play them. That gives every user the best chance to make money or collect coins while playing!

Security Methods

Like any other reputable developer, the titles from this provider all use random number generators (RNG) that are approved by the country and group that licenses them. In this case, the Core Gaming license was issued by Alderney under the guidance of the UK. There are bound to be plenty of measures in place to ensure fairness.


Core Gaming might not be the biggest company, but they’re behind the scenes work as developers can’t go unnoticed. Their products are loveable rather than technology-heavy and are deserving of admiration. For anyone that is lucky enough to play one of the titles online, there is bound to be a good time had!

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