High Variance Slots

Without a doubt, slot machines are the most exciting games that anyone can enjoy both in land-based gambling facilities and online. Apart from the fact that spinning reels is fun, playing the games is super easy, and you don’t really have to master any skill to have a good time. Whether you are new to the game or you have been playing it for years, the potential of raking in juicy rewards on the reels is virtually the same!

If you’ve been playing slot machine games for some time, then you must have come across terms like variance and return to player (RTP). And if you ask anyone who understands how the game works, they’ll agree that variance and RTP should be your critical considerations before playing. Most seasoned gamers will recommend you to play high variance online slots that also have high RTP. But then, what does that all mean? How do high RTP and high variance slots affect your potential of earning a massive win? Read on for a closer look at the role that variance and RTP play on the reels.

What is a High Variance Slot?

Before we jump into anything about high variance slots, let us first understand what variance means in the first place.

What Is Slot Variance?

Variance, also known as volatility, is a term used to refer to the size and consistency of the payouts in a given slot machine.

Oftentimes, a lot of slot machine gamers tend to assume that variance and RTP mean the same. However, even though there is some connection between the two terms, it’s not a direct relation.

The Return to Player rate shows the hypothetical amount of your initial bankroll you’ll get back after an infinite number of spins. So, essentially, while RTP doesn’t really guarantee the amount of money you’ll win after a spinning session, it illustrates the risk involved in playing the slot machine in the long term.

On the other hand, variance describes how a given slot game pays out. A game could either pay you massive amounts of cash in intermittent occasions or you could earn much smaller amounts of money that come in regularly.

What Type of Variance is Best for You?

There are high variance slot games with a low RTP rate and high variance games with a high RTP rate. The same also applies for medium and low variance slots, but it doesn’t mean that there’s a hard and fast law for this relationship. So, what type of variance is best for you? Let’s compare low and high variance slots below.

Low Variance Slots

Low-volatility slot games are low-risk games in the short term. They are the perfect option if you have small or limited funds, or if you don’t like risking a lot of your cash on every single spin. There are some extremely low variance games where you’ll earn a win even after every 2 or 3 spins. In such a game, your bankroll never takes any major hits all in a single go.

However, this also comes with a disadvantage. You’ll never win a massive amount of money after just a single spin. And it gets even worse if you end up picking a low variance game with a low RTP.  Therefore, if you want to bag sizeable winnings from low variant games, then you’ll have to play for a very long time or place bigger bets consistently. It’s the only way you can see your earnings rack up.

Medium Variance Slots

Medium variance slots are the Goldilocks zone of the slots world. These are the most prolific games you’ll find at online casinos. Medium variance games also often come with risk connected, and thus, if you play them, you have a moderately better winning potential that the low variance slots.

They are the best games to go for when you feel like you have some gaming money at hand, but you don’t want to burn through your bankroll in a few spins only. So, when you play such games, you have an even chance of hitting both small and bigger wins occasionally.

High Variance Slots

For high rollers, risk-takers and those looking for the adrenaline thumping thrill of spinning reels, high variance slots are the best. With high variance slots, you’ll live through a much lower frequency of wins and wait for longer between them. Moreover, you’ll have to spend more money to keep you going through the dry spells. Therefore, you must have a sizeable bankroll coupled with a nerve for pushing on to get you through.

But then, the biggest advantage of playing a high variance slot is that the returns for playing will often be worth the wait. While you’ll have to hang on as you spin the reels for a couple of rounds with perhaps one or two trivial wins, if you get lucky, the bigger payouts are often impressive.

It is easy to feel like you’re eating through your betting bankroll when playing such games. However, once in a blue moon, you could find yourself bagging rewards that are hundreds of times your initial stake. Better yet, the luckiest players land on jackpots to unexpectedly become the latest millionaire in town.

All in all, whichever variance game you pick, think about how you would like to play, the amount of cash you would like to put into slots and the level of risk you can handle. Thus, if you are just looking to have a good time and make a few coins here and there with no pressure, low variance games are best for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a balance of fun, making money without having to blaze through your bankroll, then medium variance titles will suit you. But if you are a player who is strictly focused on making life-changing payouts, then you have a better chance with high variance slots.

The Best High Variance Slots

Again, going for high variance titles gets you closer to earning mouthwatering payouts. If that’s what tickles your fancy, then you best pick slots that are developed by leading software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and Play’ n Go, to name a few.

Are you a high-risk player or a high roller looking for a thrilling gaming experience with vast winning potentials? Here are some tried and tested heavy hitters that will quench your gaming thirst with a potential for unforgettable payouts.

Dead or Alive slot developed by NetEnt is one of the most remarkable high variance games enjoyed by slot heads. The game is based on a Wild West theme, coming with nine paying lines, wild symbols and a free spins bonus round. Other than the edgy Western design of everything starting from the background to the symbols, the coolest features of this game are the in-game extras.

Every time 3 or more scatter symbols emerge on the reels during the base game, you’ll be awarded 12 free spins, all coming with a 2x multiplier. On top of that, every wild that emerges anywhere on the reels during free spins is a sticky wild. If you get one or more wild symbols on all the five reels, you’ll receive 5 additional free spins and a maximum payout of up to 1500x your line bet. For an even juicier payout, activate the bonus with 5 scatter symbols to unlock a payout worth 2500x your initial wager!

Created by Play‘n Go, the Book of Dead slot game was launched back in 2016 and swiftly became amongst the most rewarding online slot machines. With 10 paylines active on five reels, this Egyptian-themed slot will feel too familiar for players who have ever tried Book of Ra slot, a popular title from Novomatic.

This slot offers you thrilling bonus rounds coupled with wilds, scatter, and expanding symbols. The main attraction feature here is the free spins bonus round activated by 3 Book of Dead icons acting as both scatters and wilds. You can retrigger these free spins, and if you land on 5 Rich Wild icons during these free spins bonus rounds, you will earn 5,000x your initial wager. The icing on the cake here, however, is the 250,000-coin prize!

Immortal Romance is a Twilight-inspired epic slot machine that exhilarates punters with its stunning soundtracks, exquisite graphics and thrilling bonus features. It remains one of the most preferred high variance slots to this day since it was released back in 2011.

One of the slot’s bonus features is the Wild Desire feature, which transforms all the reels into wilds. This feature opens you up for a maximum payout of 3,645,000 as long as you place the maximum bet. There are several other exquisite bonus features that Immortal Romance slot unveils as long as you have the patience to ride through the dry spell waves.

  • The Wish Master by NetEnt- 96.65% RTP

NetEnt’s The Wish Master is one of the most entertaining high variance slot machines. It revolves around a genie in the bottle theme, with the genie in question awarding you free spins and other on the 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 paying lines setup.

The Wish Master offers exclusive features, comprising limitless booster spins bonus, in which a maximum of 3 bonus boosters may count for each spin. These boosters come with numerous additional features, like extra wilds, random wilds, enlarging wilds, and multipliers. If you manage to retrigger the free spins, you get 6 additional spins with features stacked on each other.

With the right combination, you can catch some incredibly huge wins, including a 900,000-coin jackpot for maximum stakes per spin. However, you shouldn’t forget that while the slot can pay out huge amounts of cash, it requires luck and patience. Ensure your preliminary balance is enough to get you through the unavoidable long run of dead spins.

The Jurassic Park film takes you back to the jaw-dropping world of dinosaurs, drawing inspiration from one of the most riveting Hollywood blockbusters. This Microgaming hit comes complete with roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors that will keep you on your toes as you spin the reels.

Jurassic Park comes with 243 ways to win, stacked symbols, a random T-Rex feature, wilds and multipliers that will multiply your wins by up to 6x. The slot game is filled with exciting spins bonus features, exquisitely designed experience, complete with genuine movie footage from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 picture. Fire up the reels and rake in substantial rewards from features such as the Alert Mode, Mystery Multiplier, Wild Reels and Running Wilds and Winning Wilds.

High Variance vs. a High RTP

As you already know by now, high variance and a high return to player (RTP) are not one and the same thing. RTP is usually represented as a percentage that shows how much the slot will pay back, computed averagely over a lengthy period. Slot variance, on the other hand, majorly concentrates on the short-term and indicates the risk involved with the particular slot.

In simple terms, a low volatility slot is a little risk game, offering numerous small wins and a medium win, every so often.  A high-risk game will not award you with lots of winning combinations but will grant a colossal win once in a while. Typically, it’s recommended that you go for a slot having a high Return to Player. For instance, if you play a slot game with 97% RTP, it implies that out of each £100 you put into the game, £97 will be paid back to you averagely over a long period.

However, the volatility and RTP aren’t a guarantee of the amount of money that you are going to earn in any game. Slot machines are referred to as games of chance for a reason!


In case you’ve been wagering on online slots for some time, you may well have realized that your acceptance for high volatility slots has improved with time. Newbies often prefer low variance slots because of the frequent small wins. Despite the fact the majority of gains will be trivial in such games, the verity that you are placing wagers online and earning real money is typically contenting enough.

On the flip side, high variance slots games will reel you in because of the chance of earning more significant rewards. They are the best choice for players who don’t have to keep being reminded of the good job they are doing with miniature spins after every spin. High variance online slots are often enticing to players who want to play the long game. These are the kind of players who appreciate the high-risk, high reward nature of going big when gambling. They are aware that despite the fact they might not win often, they will sooner or later hit a huge payout that will be worth their while!

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