Zeus 3 Slot

Zeus 3 Slot
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If you have played online slots – then the chances are that you’ve played some of them made by WMS. This company has made many of the top-tier gambling games that are available to play online. This review is about Zeus 3 by WMS.

The main is, as the name suggests, Greek mythology. The God of the ancient Greeks, Zeus is the main character. And the entire reels set is designed to mimic the movement of thunder – it’s a cascading reel from left to right.

We like the thematic base – after all, you can’t go wrong with Greek mythology. However, the sound effects in Zeus 3 can get very old, very soon. Every time you fail to make a winning combination – a rumble of thunder will strike in the background.

Sure, it sounds hardcore the first 100 times. But after that it becomes boring, and you will want to turn it off.

The Zeus 3 game has its own unique features, to be fair. You can read some more about them below.

Unique Features and Rules

In this casino title, you can make wins from 192 pay lines. This makes it modern. One of the ways to distinguish the more modern slots from their older counterparts is by comparing the number of pay lines. If the pay lines are in a single digit – then it’s almost always older.

The reel set, as we have mentioned before, is formed in a unique way. There are 6 reels in total. The first in line has 2 symbols, the second has 3 – and so on to the seventh reel.

The symbols are also taken from ancient Greek mythological elements.

There’s the God Zeus. There’s also a hand that holds a lightning bolt. There’s the Wild in the form of a Greek temple – it takes the form of any other symbol except for the special ones.

There’s the mythical flying horse Pegasus, and there are some military helmets and coins. Zeus 3 casino slot online will really make you feel like you’re in ancient Greece, among the Gods of the time.

The Zeus symbol is unique in that it can make an entire reel wild. The feature symbol of the hand with thunder can give you free spins. If there are 5 of these – then you will get fifty free spins.

You will also get a big 50x bet bonus. Four of these will bring 25 free spins and a 10x bet bonus. Three will give you 10 free spins. If you use them to their fullest extent – then you can win a lot of money.

Winning the Game

If you play Zeus 3 slot machine online – then you can benefit from its medium-to-high volatility. This means that your wins will be rarer, but bigger.

This casino slot machine has an RTP rate of 96.1%. The RTP rate is attractive enough to get the players’ attention. But if you like playing with a lower degree of volatility, then you should look someplace else.

The free spins and the expanding wilds are the specials that you can use in order to make big money. Also, you can’t discount the fact that there are 192 pay lines. There isn’t a gamble feature – but there is an autoplay feature.

We suggest that you try playing a Zeus 3 free version first. See if you like it and then decide if you will play Zeus 3 for real money.

The medium-to-high volatility definitely makes it unsuitable for some players. If you’re particularly risk-averse – then you’ll want to find another game with a lower degree of volatility.

Final Words

The Zeus 3 slot is really fun to play – and people enjoy playing it. After all, the fact that this game is made by iGaming studio WMS speaks for itself. It is your job as the player to play this title and determine if this is the right game for you.

You should know by now about some of the basic features. What remains for you to do is actually to start playing this pokie for real. We hope that you will enjoy doing so.

It adds something new to the table with its many unique features that you can’t easily find anywhere else.

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