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Do you remember the famous X-Factor show that hit the screens in the UK back in 2004? This TV series by Simon Cowell saw the creation of several stars in the music industry, including Leona Lewis. The popularity of this show inspired the development of the X-Factor slot by Fremantle.

This slot has 20 paylines and 5 reels. It’s one of the earliest series of slots developed by Fremantle and has simple graphics added to it. It picks the glorious crimson color that was common with the ‘X’ icon of the TV show and incorporates music from some of the show’s contenders, including Peter Dickson. Its bonus round has popular competitors like Jedward, and some clips from the show. To add to the excitement of the game, its developers added a jackpot with live finals.

Prepare Your Vocals

You may not have had a chance to perform at X-Factor, but the X-Factor game brings the show to you. In fact, it allows you to have fun and win some money, just as the show’s contestants were fighting for prize money. The simplicity of the game makes it easily accessible on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the platform you are using. If the online version fails to play, the developers availed a downloadable option that one can use on their smartphone and play at their own convenience regardless of where they may be.

Many casinos online allow players to try out a trial version of the game. This set up does not require any kinds of bets. Instead, a player is given dummy coins to play with, and either win or lose the same dummy coins. Once they get acquainted with the game, they can play X-Factor for real money. A help option is available in both modes of play and provides guidelines on the rules of this slot machine in case one gets stuck.

Bet to Play

By default, the maximum bet per line is at 4 coins. The coin size, however, ranges from 0.01 to 3.75. These values make it affordable to play X-Factor slot machine online. Once the bets are in place, a gamer can press the Play button and begin the spins. Additionally, they can use the Auto Play feature to have a number of uninterrupted spins. This Auto Play feature gives the player a chance to sit back and watch the reels run themselves until a win or bonus round is achieved.


There are several icons available in the game and that rhyme with its theme. The most visible and valuable symbol is the big logo of the slot. Others include the number label of a contestant. There is also a CD, a Boot Camp bonus icon and an additional scatter responsible for activating the Judge Bonus. To bring the musical theme to life, there’s a male singer, a female one and a silhouette of a high-note-hitting female among the symbols.

Scoop the Payouts and Bonuses

The X-Factor casino slot online game has progressive jackpots as some of the possible wins. Amazingly, this slot has an RTP of about 95%, meaning that the chances of walking away with a win are high. The highest payout is that of 5000 coins in regular play. The bonus rounds give one an opportunity to win up to 25,000 coins. The game’s logo pays with a multiplier of 5000 times the bet when 5 of them are matched into a winning combination on a payline.

The Boot Camp Bonus

Getting at least 3 X icons triggers the Boot Camp bonus. The number of icons attained determines the number of free spins that one will be awarded. These are given as follows:

  • 5 spins at no extra cost – attained when one gets 3 scatters on the reels
  • 10 bonus spins – awarded for 4 icons of the X
  • 15 free spins – received as a gift for 5 X symbols

A win in these bonuses grants the contestant a silver star, and ten such stars qualify one for the live final. This live final has rewards associated with the verdict of the judges, the performance and the reaction of the audience. There is a cash reward associated with these wins, and one can reject the first two that come up in the hope that they will get the last and biggest one.

The Final Verdict

Be your own judge in determining how high this game ranks. However, the goodies it packs are awesome and worth playing for. In case you feel you are not ready to stake real money, play X-Factor free games and enjoy the performance.

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