Wolf Run Slot

Wolf Run Slot
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Wolf Runs slots is an interesting video slot from IGT (International Gaming Technology). This game comes with 40 lines of pay and boosts of 5 reels. There are bonus rounds to look forward to in terms of free spins, and there is a multiplier effect to make for pleasant winnings. Don’t expect much, however, as this is a low-medium roller game.

Wolf Runs slots is an animal-themed video game that revolves around wolves. There is a world of features to look forward to such as the Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, and free spins round that can also be re-triggered.

Interesting characters in Wolf Runs casino slot online include a black, white and howling at full moon wolf. It also includes playing cards with values of King, Ace, Jack, Queen, 9 and 10.

The howling at full moon lupus is the Wild symbol of the game and is used to substitute all other symbols in the game save for the bonus symbol.

The ‘BONUS’ symbol of the Wolf Runs slots game is what represents the Scatter symbol.

The letter/number symbols of the slot can earn you relatively low winnings. You can expect between 5 and 150 times your wager for them. On the other hand, though, other symbols in Wolf Runs slot can get you up to 400x your wager that is if all paylines are active.

On the flip side though, unveiling 5 Wild symbols will get you 1000x your wager!

Players can look forward to the autoplay feature that allows for between 10 and 50 automatic spins in Wolf Runs slots.

This feature comes in handy for those moments when you are unable to spin your game manually and does away with having to pause your game in case you are called away from your computer for whatever reason.

The beauty of this feature is that it can be done away with on any part of the slot. The bet value that can be placed is between $1 and $12000. This is a medium variance game.

The RTP percentage for this game is 94.98%. Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of the slot.

How to Outsmart the Wolves in Order to Win in Wolf Runs Slots?

If you wish to get a decent win, you may want to strive to unlock 5 Wild symbols on your screen, this is because these five symbols (the howling lobo in the full moon) are capable of getting you unto 1000x your wager.

The stacked Wilds in the slot can translate to pretty regular decent winning’s. This feature can come in handy for those wishing to play Wolf Runs slot machine online.

Unmasking the Bonus Rounds

Free spins round: In order to enter the free spins round, you would have to unlock 3 Scatter symbols on your screen. The Scatter symbols are represented by a box titled ’BONUS’. When unlocked, you will be presented with 5 free spins.

If you manage to unlock 3 more BONUS symbols, then you will be presented with 5 extra free spins.

Stacked lupus Wild round: in this portion of the slot, you will find four or more Wild cards stacked on top of one another. With the stacking comes a chance to enjoy good winning combinations.

In order to enjoy the free spins bonus round, the BONUS symbol will have to be unveiled on reels 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously.

Collecting Riches from the Paws of Wolves in the Wolf Runs Slots Free Game

If wolves intrigue you or if you wish to overcome your fear of them, then Wolf Runs slots will definitely give you a run for your money! When you enter the lupus-ruled world of the forest, you will have to encounter as many wolves as possible if you wish to win big.

If you wish to play Wolf Runs slots for real money, the more wolves you run into, the better are your chances of making good winnings!

There are two rounds to look forward to in Wolf Runs slots: the stacked lobo Wild round and the free spins round. In the stacked lupus Wild round, your chances of reaping decent amounts from your wager are increased thanks to the ‘stacked’ cards.

In the free spins round, you also have a chance at good winnings if the feature is triggered. In addition, there is a possibility of re-triggering which ups your chances as well.

Wolf Runs slots may be a basic game compared to most on the market, but it doesn’t take away from the interesting features it has. Players can look forward to features such as the stacked lobo Wild and the free spins features. Both features translate to god winnings for the player.

Wolf Runs slots is a medium variance game that has an RTP percentage of 94.98. It does come with Wilds, Scatters and bonus features to make for an interesting slot.

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