Wild Wolf Slot

Wild Wolf Slot
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International Game Technology is the biggest providers of slot machine games across the globe, so they are bound to have a couple of titles in popularity lists. One of the games that were quick to rise up the ranks and have maintained their place as among the highest demanded is Wild Wolf slot. Considering the early release of the game, IGT set the bar high for other online gaming software companies with the use of state-of-the-art graphics and images that bring the set as close to life as possible.

The title Wild Wolf is aligned with its theme that revolves entirely on wild wolves. The set has five reels and three rows with fifty play lines that can be selected running across. The playing grid is made entirely white to make the main element of the game its icons, which are built with bursts of colour and realistic imagery. Not much of the background can be seen, but a sky lit by what appears to be setting sun can be spotted atop the grid. The title of the real money game is placed at the top of the game surrounded by a dream catcher that disappears into the back of the reels. The fifty paylines used to play Wild Wolf for real money are labelled on each side of the game screen using small blue boxes. Tunes in the game are kept at a minimum, and only play when the reels are in motion and payouts are landed.

Wild Wolf Gameplay

The rules of playing Wild Wolf slot machine online are accommodative to both new and seasoned players alike, and the strategy used is the same as that of most other slots. The playing procedure is conducted as follows:

  • Use the (-) and (+) toggle keys to adjust the number of bet lines from as little as one to fifty
  • Choose the coin value to use between one and fifty. Only one of these coins can be used in each win line
  • Use the Spin button at the center of the control bar to set the reels in motion
  • Use the blue Auto Spin button to spin the reels up to fifty consecutive times.

The wins of each round are displayed next to the spin button, and they are collected by matching three or more similar symbols, and those that are included in Wild Wolf casino slot online are:

  • Poker face cards – A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9
  • Howling wolf
  • Brown wolf
  • Black wolf
  • Black and brown bird statue
  • Dream catcher
  • Brown bird statue.

The dream catcher is the scatter in Wild Wolf game and has the word Bonus written across it in yellow font. The scatter is the only one that cannot be replaced by the wild, which is the howling wolf spotted in the game logo.

Payouts Perusal

The winnings in Wild Wolf slot can be assessed in depth under the paytable section that can be opened using the taskbar at the top of the game. The listed wins are provided according to the stake that is placed. One of the most provided tips to gamblers looking to win big is to place as high bets as they possibly can. Even so, one should note that the chances of winning do not change despite the bet placed. Additionally, any cheat practices to make the odds of winning better will lead to a nullification of all accrued wins, and some casinos online go as far as banning account re-entry.

Wild Wolf free slot payouts are given in the form of credits, which is common with most other IGT games. Each of the icon combinations collects some winnings. The scatter icon is used as a trigger for up to five free spins.

Parting Shot

Wild Wolf has an RTP rate of 94.97%, which makes it a low variance game. No jackpot is included.

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