Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slot

Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slot
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Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots by IGT can be considered a special arcade machine from many aspects. This is a video game slot, and it has a title that is just a new way to define a Wheel of fortune type of arcade machine.

You will enjoy all the opportunities to win even if you are a beginner player in the gambling world. But let’s see what makes this slot a special one and why you should try it out!

Basics of the Game

When you play Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots for real money, you will be charmed by all the possible combinations you can land. The theme of this machine is just as attractive as the features it holds.

  • You will notice symbols like Route 66, car keys, a roadmap created in an old fashion way, Mount Rushmore as well as buildings and the Hollywood star. All these symbols are created in a fancy way and very attractive to the eye.
  • The background also creates a stylish 3D effect that makes the entire machine look very modern.
  • As for the sounds, these are of a high class as well. You will not be bothered by them but you will be relaxed by hearing those reels spinning and the sound your successful combinations make.
  • You will notice that the RTP of this machine is over 97% thanks to its incredible quality and original concept.
  • You can play this machine at most casinos online thanks to its popularity and accessibility, and you can even try Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots free if you are not confident enough to bet from the beginning.
  • Once you want to place your bets, use the button that allows you to control the value you want to play on.

Amazing Features

When you are playing Wheel of Fortune on Tour casino slot online, you will be able to apply the classic rules that work for the majority of slots.

  • There is a wild symbol that replaces all the other icons to give you winning chances on the paylines.
  • Also, a yellow bus plays the role of a scatter, and it can appear randomly on the pay lines so keep an eye for it. This can’t be replaced by the wild.
  • You will also find bonus rounds that you can access and get free spins along the way.
  • However, you will not find a jackpot, which for some players could be a downfall, even if this arcade machine offers plenty of possibilities to gain.

With features like these, you should have no difficulties landing winning combinations and reaching the success that you want in just a few rounds!

A Fantastic Experience

Playing Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots machine online you will discover that there are plenty of ways to enrich your bank account between bonuses and free spins.

There are no cheats or tips to follow to land the success that you want. All you need to do is follow the rules and create your strategy when you are placing your bets.

This arcade machine will open your taste towards the video slots of the newest generation. It is a leader and an example for many other machines that aim toward this style of games!

The Whole Wins

Each round you will discover during this gambling adventure can be a significant surprise for you. And there are many ways in which you can win at this machine.

  • During the Letter board picker bonus game, you will be able to win a multiplier that is between 50 and 500.
  • There valuable symbols to count on such as the wild and the scatter and they can have a great impact on your bank account.
  • If you land 5 logos of the game, you get the maximum prize of 2500 coins. You also get 500 coins if you land 4 of them.
  • The bonus wheel, with a multitude of rewards, is triggered by 3 of the yellow buses.

What’s the Next

This is a complex and original arcade machine that can easily become your favorite one as it has everything you might need in such a game! You can make some money as you spin these reels and enjoy some quality time.

Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots game is one of the best that you can find on the market, regarding theme and opportunities. And once you get used to its features, nothing will be able to stop you from your way to success!

Summary: Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slots is a new age video slot that will entertain you more than you anticipate! Enjoy the bonuses and winning chances every round!

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