Vikings Go to Hell Slot

Vikings Go to Hell Slot
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Enter the Vikings World

See the amazing Vikings in this Yggdrasil game. This is a 5-reel slot that is based on a Viking theme. The red color, bluish background and metallic appearance of the gaming section appeal to every fighter with a gambling spirit. With the sparks and fire flying all over the screen, this game is set to leave one on their toes.

The Vikings Go to Hell slot features 25 paylines in a 5 by 4 reel setup. One gets to interact with heroes as they fight demons, including some that are forever flaming. The vicious battles come with amazing betting wins, free spins, gamble options and the collection of rage points. These rage points are a unique feature introduced in Vikings Go to Hell by the amazing Yggdrasil developers.

Get into the Vikings Go to Hell Game

Playing is simple, especially for the regular gamblers. This game comes with amazing features that allow one to easily access, try out and navigate the slot. These include:

  • Online availability – Play Vikings Go to Hell casino slot online with your Android or iOS smartphone. Alternatively, one can use a PC with Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. No download whatsoever is required.
  • + and – control options – These buttons allow one to add or reduce their coin value in the different play lines.
  • Max Bet – Vikings Go to Hell has the Max Bet feature that allows players to automatically wager the maximum possible bet at the click of a button.
  • AutoPlay – With Vikings Go to Hell, a player can set a number of constant-bet games that will run uninterrupted and automatically, allowing the gamer to just sit back and watch their pay table.

One can play the Vikings Go to Hell at no extra cost in the many casinos online. Any casino with a demo is a reliable one as long as it offers dummy betting coins. Free gaming modes allow one to get acquainted with the game and to test the various cheats that they may have learned. To get the real thrill of the game, however, one needs to play Vikings Go to Hell for real money. With this money option, a gambler can win real payouts that are actually highly rewarding. The highest payout is a whopping 18,750 coins!

Betting is relatively pocket-friendly. With 0.1 and 125 coins as the minimum and maximum bet values, this slot is one of the best budget games to try out for any slot-loving gambler. Amazingly, the RTP stands at 96%, making the slot even more attractive for the less daring players.

Once the bets are ready, be sure to select the Start or AutoPlay options depending on their suitability. The pay table is readily visible and gives the total tally of amounts won or lost, including the coins that one is left with.

Win with the Symbols

Play Vikings Go to Hell slot machine online and stand a chance of getting rewarded! Wins come in various ways and are associated with matching symbols in a winning combination. Treasure chests are common gift-providers in Vikings Go to Hell. They can only be seen on the 5th reel. Inside them is either a good tablet or an epic one, with rewards as follows:

  • Good tablet – A player gets a reward of 7 rounds at absolutely no cost. Additionally, they win up to 30 points of rage for any fighter, who is randomly selected by the game. A coin reward of at least 150 coins, and at most 300 coins is also awarded.
  • Epic tablet – With this item, one wins a minimum of 12 and maximum of 16 spins absolutely free! A random warrior also gets to accumulate 30 points with the rage-point feature and an additional coin reward amounting between 1200 and 600.

Speaking of rage points, a random member of a demon-fighting battalion of demons gets rewarded with 50 points after each and every spin.

Bonuses Won as Vikings Go to Hell

  • Fight Feature – One of the bonuses in this game is that of the fighting feature. This feature is triggered when one gets two scatter symbols on the reels. A fighter is selected from among your fighters, and they get to confront a demon in a battle of rage. With a fight in this win, the warrior becomes a wild and rewards the player with a free round. Every wild that is already on the reels becomes a sticky one.
  • Lord of Chains – This bonus feature is activated by at least 3 Free Spin icons and comes with 16 spins at no extra cost. If a warrior defeats the Lord of Chains in this battle, they become a wild and qualify for the Bezerk bonus.
  • Bezerk Mode Bonus – 100 rage points activate this mode. In it, one gets 7 Vikings Go to Hell free rounds and an additional round that involves fighting Lucifix. Hitting this enemy once bears 2 wilds that are sticky. Three hits earn one a multiplier of 3 on their bet.

With the above information, one is definitely readily equipped to start their fighting campaign in Vikings Go to Hell. Look out for the bonuses and utilize them as much as possible for the highest wins achievable.

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