Viking Runecraft Slot

Viking Runecraft Slot
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Viking Runecraft is Play’n Go video slot that has a really well-presented Viking/Norse mythology theme. It’s played on an extra large 7×7 reel set and uses the cluster pays mechanic instead of traditional paylines. This means that to land a win, you have to form a cluster of at least five symbols that match and are touching vertically and/or horizontally. Whenever you win, any winning symbols vanish, with symbols falling down from above to replace them – this is a mechanic known as cascading reels. It’s, therefore, possible to land consecutive wins from a single spin of the reels. The slot’s low paying symbols are five stones of different colours, each with a rune carved on them. There are four others offering higher payouts, and these are a necklace, an axe, a helmet and a hammer. The setting for Viking Runecraft is an icy mountainside, and various gods and goddesses appear during gameplay.

Playing the Viking Runecraft Slot Machine Online

The Viking Runecraft slot has lots of features, though it’s still quite easy to play. There’s a feature, Gift of the Gods, that can be randomly triggered after a spin that doesn’t produce any wins. There are four things that can then happen, each one associated with a particular god:

  • Between five and nine wilds are added to the reels
  • Four wilds are added to the reels in two groups of two
  • Wilds are added to the reels in clusters of four until you land a win
  • Each row has a wild symbol added to it

When you start to play the Viking Runecraft slot, you’ll notice certain positions on the reels are highlighted in blue in a pattern. Look to the bottom-right of the reel set to see this pattern clearly displayed. Land wins on all highlighted symbols to clear the pattern and move on to the next level. Whenever you move up a new level, one of the four god features mentioned above is triggered.

For the slot’s Runes of Valhalla feature, whenever you land a win featuring low paying rune stone symbols, those symbols are collected. If you level up, and you’ve collected one or more rune stones, you’ll get to spin a bonus wheel. The wheel has 10 segments, and if a segment is highlighted, that means it’s a winning segment and will give you a bonus if you land on it.

To the left of the reels is a metre that fills whenever you land wins. Once you’ve won with a total of 20 symbols, the metre will become full, and you’ll get one of the four Charge of Destruction bonus features:

  • Fury of Fenrir. The game chooses four diagonal lines at random. For two of them, all the symbols on them are changed into the same matching symbol. The other two lines are removed, with symbols replaced by those falling from above
  • Judgment of Jormungandr. The game selects a random chain of symbols across the reels. Some of them in the chain are removed, while others are changed into the same matching symbol
  • Scorching of Surtr. Three symbols are chosen at random. All of those surrounding these three chosen ones are removed, and the chosen ones are duplicated
  • Lure of Loki. Two different symbols are chosen at random. For one of them, all instances of that particular symbol are removed from the reels. For the other group, all symbols are changed into the same different symbol

The Ragnarok feature is triggered either by filling the charge metre with 40 or more symbols or by winning with t least 20 symbols on the spin following one of the slot’s Charge of Destruction features. The Ragnarok feature is a free spins round. If you spin, and there are no winning combinations, one of the four god features will be activated. Each one can only be activated once, and once all four have been played, the free spins come to an end. While free spins are in play, each and every winning symbol increases the charge metre, which rewards you with a multiplier. The values are listed below:

  • x2 multiplier for 20 symbols
  • x3 multiplier for 40
  • x5 multiplier for 60
  • x15 multiplier for 80

The betting values range from 0.10 to 100, with 15 options available. You’re able to play Viking Runecraft for real money or try out Viking Runecraft for free if you want to practise without the risk of losing any money.

Winning Viking Runecraft Game

Each of Viking Runecraft’s nine paying symbols has a different set of values. As previously mentioned, the five rune stones are the low paying ones, while the other four offer higher payouts. The payouts are for clusters of five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten or eleven, twelve to fourteen and fifteen or more. The hammer is the slot’s highest paying symbol. Land a cluster of 15 or more hammers for a payout of 1,500 coins.

Viking Runecraft is a medium variance slot with an RTP of 96.7%. Its maximum payout is 50,000 coins. It’s mobile friendly and is available on both smartphones and tablets. The best way of winning from Viking Runecraft is by landing lots of wilds from the god features to boost your chances of forming larger clusters.

Viking Runecraft is a very well-presented and nicely themed slot from Play’n Go that certainly has a lot going on. With a huge 7×7 grid, the cascading reels and cluster pay mechanics and lots of bonus features, gameplay is very exciting and interesting. Though it may seem complicated at first, once you’ve had a few spins on it, you should get to grips with how the rules work. Find the Viking Runecraft casino slot online at your favourite casino with Play’n Go games and see which of the many bonus features you’ll get to play!

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