Vegas Dreams Slot

Vegas Dreams Slot
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Vegas Dreams Slot by Big-time-gaming is one of those games that illustrate the Vegas dream that any player aims towards. Most likely, you want to make some money and have fun as you spin your gambling reels and this machine makes this possible round after round!

You get the opportunity to win by landing successful combinations and receive bonuses along the way. But let’s look closer at what Vegas Dreams casino Slot online has to offer to its gamblers and how you can enjoy it the best!

The Small Steps to Take

As you enjoy this arcade machine, you will most likely fall in love with its clean yet very attractive theme. It has all the features you would expect it to have on its paylines but also the element of surprise!

  • The symbols that you will encounter are representing wealth at its highest levels. You will find briefcases full of cash, limousines but also the classic cards such a Aces, Kings, Jacks, Queens, and the numbers 9 and 10. All these symbols have different values, but they can bring you an income in one of your lucky days.
  • The sound is also matching the rest of the theme, and it creates the amazing atmosphere that will motivate you to keep spinning and activate as many paylines as you want. You will not be bothered by the soundtrack of this game, and you will grow to love it as you keep playing it.
  • Thanks to its simplicity, Vegas Dreams Slot game is present at most casinos online with an RTP of over 06%.
  • You can also play Vegas Dreams Slot free if you are not are about the investment that you are comfortable with on these reels.

Amazing Features for Each Round

As you play Vegas Dreams Slot for real money, you will be pleased to discover that it comes with a wide variety of opportunities for any player. Here are the main rules to follow!

  • There is a wild symbol represented by the Roulette Wheel which can bring you to surprise prizes as you land 4 or 5 matching symbols on the reels. With this icon, you can make anywhere from 2000 coins to 10000 coins if you land 5 symbols, which is a jackpot of this machine.
  • Just like any other wild, this one will also replace other icons so that you get more winning combinations along the way. But it will not replace the scatter.
  • And speaking of the scatter, this one is represented by the Slot machine symbol. This one will increase your bet by 100 times if you get 5 of them. Also, for 3 scatters you receive free spins!
  • All your winning matches achieved during free spins are tripled, and you are free to get up to 180 free spins if this happens during a bonus round.
  • You can increase or decrease your bet by using the + or – button that is available on the screen.

A Superb Experience for All Gamblers

As you play Vegas Dreams Slot machine online, you will discover not only a highly entertaining game but also one that you can rely on when it comes to landing some great matches. It has everything it needs to be successful, and it can be played on most operating systems with maximum speed.

This is perfect for any player, and it works even better for beginners. It has all it takes to bring you into the world of gambling smoothly and without major risks, to begin with.

You Only Win In the End

If you are wondering what you can win, we have to tell you that this machine has something for everyone! You can win something each round as long as you play your bet well.

There are no cheats or tips to build your gambling strategy on, but the good news is that you don’t need that either. This game comes with free spins, bonuses, multipliers and even jackpots that you can get if you want to make some money!

The most common wins will most likely come from the wild and scatter symbols because they do bring plenty of chances to the player. But don’t underestimate the power of the combinations that you can get either because it can surprise you.

Finishing Touch

As you play Vegas Dreams Slot, you will find out that your luck can do miracles. This machine can open your taste for gambling adventures in the most positive way so don’t let yourself lack confidence as you try it out.

While it might become your favourite arcade game, it can also bring you to a new level of experience which will serve you well for other slots, with more features than this one.

Summary: Vegas Dreams Slot is the perfect mix between the pleasure of gambling and the motivation to land a good win in a matter of spins!

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