Top Cat Slot

Top Cat Slot
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Overview of the Top Cat Slot

It is funny how far some developers would go to get inspiration for their next big slot. They can go as far as forgotten ancient civilizations and alien planets, and even come down to the animated series we see on TV every day. There are many options; it is hard not to find one to choose from.

Lucky for us, our favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the 1960s made the inspirations list and has now become a reality. Blueprint Gaming pulled a fast one this time and shocked a lot of gamers out there.

We are about to dive into a world of a unique gang of stray cats and experience their adventure in the slot form! It’s the Top Cat Slot!

Basics of the Game

Take a look at the reels, and you would find nine basic reel symbols, and most of these symbols represent characters from the animated series. You would easily recognize Fancy-Fancy, Spook, and Brian, among others from the cartoon.

These cats are the most valuable symbols, and they appear in bulk sometimes to cover the entire reel to give you better chances of winning big from a single spin. There are also the classic Jack, King, and Queen and Ace symbols in this casinos online game. You can use them to earn some wins although they have a low payout compared to the cats.

Amazing Features

  • There is no difference in this game and the classic slot machine game. The main aim is to line up a series of specific combinations using symbols to achieve higher chances of winning and a better RTP.
  • There are five reels, each of three symbols, on the casino. These five reels come with 20 fixed paylines where the symbols are aligned to get counted as a valid win. Once you can set up the right bets below the reels, you get all the command that you need.
  • Make sure you modify your bets appropriately and bear in mind that high risks mean high rewards. Once your settings are in place, you can hit the trash marked ‘spin’ to set the reels in motion.
  • You can also speed up the process after you have decided on a wager. Do this by using the Autoplay mode, and the reels would keep spinning to ease you of having to hit spin over and over again. You can see that the Top Cat game sticks to the classic slot gameplay and has nothing out of the ordinary in gameplay.

An Amazing Experience

Unlike most online slots that are based on the franchise, the Top Cat slot tries its best to relive the experience of the animated series as well as it can. The casino depicts an alley between tall skyscrapers in an anonymous modern metropolis.

There are a few trash cans, a wooden fence, and a lamp post to give a clear picture of how the basic theme of the cartoon appeared. If you are a fan of the original cartoon, you should be able to testify that the developers did a great job in reliving the cartoon in its actual form.

You would also find this casino quite interesting since it is your favorite cartoon in a game form! Even players that know nothing about the actual cartoon would find this game interesting.

The Whole Wins

There are tons of special features in this casino, and it is one of the reasons it stands out from many other online casinos. There is the classic wild symbol that is in the shape of a Fish Plate. It can replace other basic symbols, and it gives you a chance to earn more wins.

There are also four bonus mini-games that are triggered by luck in each spin, and they are associated with one of the cat heroes. You would get either a wild or an extra win after each game, and enjoy the view while doing so.

We must not leave out the dedicated bonus symbol in this game that leads you to the jackpots. Once you align three of this symbol on the payline, you initiate the Master Plan.

There are six options, and you get one of them chosen for you. In the mini-games, the motive is to help the cats escape from Officer Dibble and stashing a lot of coins. Top Cat RTP is 92.49%

Wrap Up

The Top Cat casino slot online is no different from a classic online casino. However, its bonus games and features are no different from a modern game. The players the game targets are the lovers of the actual cartoon.

Although, newcomers are allowed to try out and have fun the new adventures. The funny part is that most players eventually play Top Cat slot machine online mini-games more the actual game itself. However, what does it matter if the cash rewards are the main goal?

Maybe you haven’t realized that you can play Top Cat slot for real money. All you have to focus on is how to win as much cash as possible, and it doesn’t matter how you do so!


Long story short, there is but a small number of games that can compare to the Top Cat free slot. You should not miss out on this one.

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