The Sword and The Grail Slot

The Sword and The Grail Slot
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The tale of Arthur is nothing new in the historical and mythical realm, and Play’n Go is among the parties that partake in telling it through The Sword and The Grail Slot. This slot machine follows the original storyline of the legendary King Arthur in his search for the Holy Grail with his mystical sword that was forged in the magical land of Avalon. 

Playing The Sword and The Grail slot machine online takes place in what appears to be a throne room. The architectural design of the building matches that of old English, and a raised platform sits in the middle with streaks of blue light lined from its core to the walls on each side. The five reels of the playing grid are made see-through, which puts the beauty of the backdrop in full display. However, it does not steal the shine of the characters on the reels, which tell the tale of Arthur’s adventures.

Searching for The Grail

Play’n Go abides by simple rules of gameplay for all its titles, so players can expect the same straightforward strategy when playing The Sword and The Grail for real money or free. The bet adjustment bar is placed at the bottom of the screen with a display of real money and fun credit values between 0.1 and 100 credits. The spinning of the reels is done using the spin and autoplay button placed at the bottom right of the screen. The twenty paylines are not adjustable and have to be used for each spin. 

The Sword and The Grail RTP slot is mainly centred on the characters to portray the story of Arthur. Even so, the standard poker cards A, K, Q, and J are used, with the inclusion of an additional T. These symbols are built with a metal cut design that matches the rest of the game to make them seem like they belong. The other icons are related directly to the game theme, and they include:

  • The Sword
  • The Grail
  • King Arthur
  • Red-haired lady
  • Brunette soldier
  • Sorcerer 

The Sword is the scatter in The Sword and The Grail game, which acts as the free spins trigger. The icon is also the only one that cannot be replaced by the wild, which is played by the grail.

Game Rewards

The Sword and The Grail casino slot online grants winnings in random nature thanks to the use of RNGs in their running. Therefore, neither casinos online nor players can cheat their way into bigger wins unfairly. Each icon has to land on three or more spots of one of the play lines for the activation of payouts, and this rule is only spared in the case of the scatter. The paytable section is adjusted according to the stakes, and here are the winnings tabled when the highest bet is used:

Symbol  Wins for three For four  For five 
T 20 40 200
J 20 40 200
Q 30  60 300
K 30 60 300
A 40 80 400
Sorcerer  100 150 750
Brunette soldier  100 150 750
Red-head lady  120 250 1250
King Arthur  250 500 2500

At random times, the sword multiplier meter at the top of the screen will add a multiplier value of any landed wilds used in winnings from as little as two. When the sword is drawn to its tip, it awards a multiplier of one hundred times. When three or more swords are landed, a free spins bonus of five rounds is activated. Any wilds that appear during bonus round have a multiplier value attached to it, which starts at two times. The more swords that are collected as the free rounds play, the bigger the multiplier value becomes. This bonus can go as high as one hundred times, which means punters can collect a jackpot prize of as much as one hundred thousand credits. The wilds can also form winning combinations of their own, which pay as much as five thousand credits.

The Sword and The Grail Slot RTP

The Sword and The Grail free slot delivers on both entertainment and payout fronts with an exquisite take on a popular theme. The RTP rate is stated to be 96%.

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