Super Monopoly Money Slot

Super Monopoly Money Slot
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While entering into the world of board themed games, you’ll see Super Monopoly Money at the top of slot games in this industry. It is provided by well-known WMS.

The first thing you’ll see after opening this game is its impressive background as Eiffel tower will be on the left side of reels while Big Ben on the right, connected with a bridge. Super Monopoly Money is an oligopoly theme based play so you’ll earn a lot of money and places here. Here you’ll have 5 reels along with 25 fixed win lines in this slot. You can start creating your own empire with the minimum of 35p which will go up to £105. The symbols which you’ll see in Super Monopoly Money slot are Mr.
Monopoly and his dog, a hat, car, ship, Wild bonus, a bucket of cash, free parking, jackpots and much more.

How to Play

Whether you’re a new player or an expert, you can have fun with Super Monopoly Money slot machine online without any experience. It is very easy to play. All you need to do is set the bet for playing and click on the spin button. You can set a minimum of 35p and a maximum of £105 bet to play. It also has an autoplay button which is very handy for players. Just set the number of spins to be auto-played and enjoy. Super Monopoly Money game has the following key features:

  • Appearing of 1 or more free parking signs on the reels can create free spin bonus, winning combination or probably can just increase existing win. It is also the Wild symbol of the game and MM bonus.
  • Wheel bonus can be activated by just clicking the icon of it. You can be awarded multipliers from 1x to 100x, respin feature, community chest, and a chance feature.
  • Appearing of 5 jackpots will give you the highest reward of 75000x multiplier.
  • MM Wild symbol has the ability to replace the other symbols on the reels while it can’t replace the free parking symbol.

This slot also has a free spin reward. If 3 or more bonus tokens land on adjacent reels from left to right, you’ll be awarded 8 to 15 free spins on 3 to 5 bonus symbols appearing. One more bonus in Super Monopoly Money is a chance bonus which has 5 cards. These cards contain different rewards like multipliers and free spins.

How to Win

Super Monopoly Money slot machine is like other classic reel games. You have to make combinations of the symbols on reels. Starting from left most reel towards the right, there will be 5 reels with 25 paylines. Every symbol has its own reward depending on the combination it forms. The symbol of a dog will give the highest paying which is 450x. With the combination of boat and car, you’ll be awarded 240x multiplier of your stake.

The combination of the shoe symbol with hat yields 150x of your stake. If 5 jackpot symbols appear on reels, your reward will be 75000x your stake which is the best feature. For the maximum winning, use bonus wheel which will multiply your bet up to 100x. The RTP of the Super Monopoly Money is 95.87% that is best for players so that you can win almost every time.

There is no download required to play Super Monopoly Money slot machine game. Just go to the website and have fun online. You can also play Super Monopoly Money slot casino game for real cash as well as for free. You can earn up to 200$. If you’re an experienced player and have knowledge of casino games, then play for real money else play for free to enjoy.

If you’re looking for gambling and entertainment on online casino games, then WMS has provided you another interesting oligopoly theme-based slot game for this. Though it has reels and symbols for playing instead of a board, houses hotels etc, but the theme is the same.

As board game monopoly has free parking, community cards, hotels and houses, Super Monopoly Money slot game also has these things but in a form of symbols. These signs will appear on reels and paylines for reward.

With Super Monopoly Money slot game, you can make your own empire with the symbols. It can be terrible parking in Mayfair, but Super Monopoly Money slot game gives you the place for free parking.

The symbols of the game are in high-quality graphics, and the audio and sounds of symbols when they move and appear on reels is very delightful to here. The rendering of the symbols and the background, which shows different places, is quite interesting and matched with the theme of the game.

So WMS has done a great job in the production and designing of this slot game. All the elements of the game are interlinked. Players can enjoy the real feelings of the casino while sitting at their homes. Go and try a worth.

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