Steam Tower Slot

Steam Tower Slot
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Steam Tower Slot is one of the casinos online slots that had an industry booming when it was introduced by NetEnt. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines, the game is allowing a maximum bet stake of 10 coins per each play line but the stake has to be the same for each active line. Each coin’s value would range from 0.01 Euro as a minimum and goes up to a maximum of 1 Euro per each coin. That means, that the maximum bet allowed in Steam Tower game is 150 euro per spin round. Set your bets and press the spin button.

Just like the other online slots, Steam Tower casino slot online game is featuring the special symbols, free spins, payouts multiplier and some other bonus features to maximize the profits. But, unlike them, it is not featuring any basic symbols.

Your payouts in the Steam Tower free game will be chargeable by the winning combinations you form at the payline you’ve activated. In case you’re a new player, the combination is a set of similar symbols. This game doesn’t pay from both sides so the winning combinations will count from the first reel left to right.

You might form more than one winning combination at the same spin, in this case, only the longest one will be countable for a reward.

Since you probably will be playing Steam Tower for real money, you’ll love this part. Your payout amount will be calculated by multiplying your stake per line by the index of the combination you’ve formed. This would vary from x3 at least and goes up to x2000 only depending on the symbols’ value, and because the gambling feature is not present in the game, so all the winnings are being transferred instantly to the player’s account.

The game is offering an RTP of 97% which is relatively high in comparison to the other slots that follows Steam Tower’s model.

How to Play

As mentioned above, the game doesn’t feature basic symbols, but you’ll notice on the gaming screen some fictitious characters that were very well dressed up.

You’ll find the following:

  • A dragon eye.
  • A high tower.
  • The Game’s main character which wasn’t named.

Also, you’ll find the signs of the values of the playing cards floating in the background with a lot of gear-wheels.

The wild symbol in the game is represented by the armor of the game’s main hero. It can substitute for any other symbol if needed to form a winning combination.

The wild featured while playing Steam tower slot machine online game is a stacked wild symbol, it can fill the whole reel and then this would be your lucky move. If that happened, you’ll be granted 10 free spins with the bet being set at the same amount by the casino itself during the free spins round. Nevertheless, the combinations that were formed using the wild symbols will have increased indexes at the payout. The size of these indexes would vary from x2 at least and up to x7 at most. And it still increases over time during the free spins on each round.

How to Win

Here are some tips but not rules that’ll help you form your winning strategy at Steam Tower:

  • Optimal Rates: it is so not recommended that you bet at very low or very high stakes, it’s always recommended to choose a wisely medium sized stake. Doing this will leave you the chance of making decent winning and also making you avoid making century losses and maintain your positive balance. Since you’ll be playing Steam Tower Slot machine online for real money, you should know first that this is a medium cycle game and your winnings will drop out sooner than you think. You’ll not need to play for a very long time to make a fortune from this game but you’ll be sure of not being in debt by the end of playing.
  • Bankroll: You’ll also need to keep an eye on the balance of your deposits. If you already deposited 1/3 of the initial deposit then it’s time you should stop playing as at this point, carrying on playing is really dangerous for your financial well-being.
  • Keep Playing: keep a track of the number of rounds you play as the number of bets you stake in Steam Tower Slot has an impact on the number of winning combinations that can be formed. The more rounds you play, the higher the probability of winning you’ll have.


Steam Tower Slot is a very interesting game, it’s covered by some very creative and attention-grabbing graphics as well as 3D elements all around the gaming screen, it has a very high winning probability which makes it very profitable. Although it doesn’t offer a scatter symbol, Gambling feature or a progressive jackpot, the free spins round with its multiple levels still pays off for that. One of the greatest benefits as well is that is has a multi-lingual and anti-cheat interface with customizable user settings.

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