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Unlike all the games Arrow’s Edge is well known for, they’ve introduced Star Slots game with a space sci-fi theme while all the other games introduced by the famous software company were known to be colorful themes like their masterpiece Showcase for example. They’ve only started to target different kind of audience with their superb game of kings, and then it was followed by Star Slots slot after landing the Star Wars franchise.

Star Slots casino slot online game makes you live an adventure between the galaxies with 5 reels and 20 paylines, just like all the casinos’ online slots Arrow’s Edge is introducing,. It also is featuring a progressive jackpot that falls randomly at any round and a payout that jumps to a maximum of 1,000 coins.

How to Play

As mentioned above, Star Slots free to play game is offering 5 reels to form combinations out of them as well as 20 play lines to boost up the winning probabilities. It also is allowing a maximum win of 1,000 coins at a time, but that rule doesn’t apply on the progressive random jackpot that drops at any completely random spin. Speaking of the bets since you probably will be playing Star Slots for real money; the slot is allowing a minimum bet of $0.01 per active line as a minimum with a maximum of $12 per active line, or in other words, $0.20 per line and up to $240 per line when all the playlines are active. So, this machine is allowing betting ranges that would suit any player with any budget, it could cost you very little and yet pays you very well.

Star Slots slot is featuring 12 different symbols; this is inclusive of all the characters.

The Game Characters:

  • Lance.
  • Tobias.
  • Korbont.
  • Crystaley.

The game characters alongside with some other space items such as starships and plants are forming the game’s identity.

The game doesn’t introduce high quality graphics but instead they have saturated their efforts to name each symbol according to game theme.

While playing, you’d love to look for 3 interesting symbols in particular for their special features.

These 3 symbols are

  • Tobias Bonus Symbol.
  • Crystaley Scatter.
  • Lance Spinning Wild.

Upside down, the lance spinning wild symbol will grant you a win of a multiplier if you got it on any of the reels, it would award you either 1x or 2x or 3x multipliers.

The lance spinning wild also grants an access to some bonus features when it forms a combination with the tobias bonus symbol, they become a spinning wild. When that happens, you’ll get one of three scenes, whether the training, the fighting or the battling one. In case you got very lucky by combining it with the Crystaley Scatter symbol, it could grant you an increased free spins as a reward. Starting with the standard 10 spins you get when you form a combination of 3 of it, and up to 30 free spins.

The training scene is so classic, it’s just a typical “Pick A Prize” bonus feature, The fighting scene is a bit more modernized, it gives you the option of choosing a character to battle with. Finally, the Battle Bonus round allows you to aim and shoot at enemy spaceships and your only goal is to down as much as you can from them, and as big as the number of the ships you shot, your prize grows bigger with it.

How to Win

Star Slots game might be very profitable, but you’ll need to create a tight betting strategy if you’re aiming for a big win.

Here are some tips that might help you with your very first steps. But remember, these are not rules:

  • Optimal Rates: it is so not recommended that you bet at very low or very high stakes, it’s always recommended to choose a wisely medium sized stake. Doing this will leave you the chance of making decent winning and also making you avoid making century losses and maintain your positive balance. Since you’ll be playing Star Slots Slot machine online for real money, you should know first that this is a short cycle game and your winnings will drop out sooner than you think. You’ll not need to play for a very long time to make a fortune from this game but you’ll be sure of not being in debt by the end of playing.
  • Bankroll: You’ll also need to keep an eye on the balance of your deposits. If you already deposited 1/3 of the initial deposit then it’s time you should stop playing as at this point, carrying on playing is really dangerous for your financial well-being.
  • Keep Playing: keep a track of the number of rounds you play as the number of bets you stake in Star Slots Slot has an impact on the number of winning combinations that can be formed. The more rounds you play, the higher the probability of winning you’ll have.


Overall, it is not bad comparing its minimum bets to its winning probabilities without cheats. There is no proven RTP for the game. However, the user reviews has included some very positive quotes.

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