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Retro slot is all about the classics. If you are a casino enthusiast, you either enjoy playing the new and modern 3D slots or the old versions. Typically, Retro slot tends to remind its players about the good old days with little or no rules and when casino games were played in entertainment spots such as pubs. Today, the classics are the new wave in the casino industry. Retro slot is designed by the famous Red Rake Gaming provider and was released in 2016. It has amazing graphics, free spins, and great sound effects.

Although Red Rake Gaming is well-known for their amazing gameplay integrated into the new 3D games, there are not new in the world of the classics. They have a catalogue of 72 thrilling classic slots. What’s more, you can place your bets for as low as 0.60 and up to 195.00 for those who love the high stakes. In this review, we will help you find out all you need to know about the game, its available bonuses, its features, how to play it, and how to win real money.


Retro slot free spins are the only bonus available in the gameplay. You will get to earn wins by triggering treasure chests and scatter symbols while playing either of the reel. Besides, you will also find other features available such as wild and scatter symbols. Indeed, there is no better way to spice up your free time than to play Retro slot machine online.

Themes and Structure

Remember Lava Lamps, tie-dye fashions, and VVV Beetles? Well, if you are a fan of themed slots, you will agree with me that classic slots bring out the best of casinos online. Although they might not have been the best, sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the ugly, the bad, and the good of the old days. You will never miss a smile as you recall the old-fashioned icons. Better still, Red-Rake Gaming ensures they spice it up by integrating cool Retro slot graphics features.

Some of the additional features include the player’s capability to play on up to 30 lines, curved reels and realistic slots, 15 free spins, substitution symbol as well as wild and scatter symbols, and a chance to win more prices with the WILD Diamond.

How to Play Retro Slot

The majority of slots are quite simple and easy to play. Likewise, the one under discussion does not integrate a complex criterion of gameplay. All you are needed to do is search it at any casino you like and spin the reels. Its amazing interface will welcome you with perfectly laid old-schools buttons. On the left middle side, you will find the play lines section with an analogue display above it.

In the middle section, you will find the total bet section and the orange autospin and a blue spin button beside it. To play, all you are required to do is set your bet lines, total bet, and click on the spin or autospin button to spin the reels.

How to Win at Retro Slot

Although it is said that gambling is all about luck, you can always boost your wins at Retro slot. One efficient way that has proven to be quite successful is the use of multipliers, combination, a bonus round, and other features. For instance, you can watch for symbols to win free spins to multiply your stake in the shortest time possible. Also, ensure you do not use game cheats, have a well-planned strategy, and tips before starting to play Retro slot for real money.

Unlike other old-school slots, Retro slot offers something new for their customers. It might sound weird, but classic slots are always on fashion. What’s more, the unique scatter, wilds and bonus rounds gives Retro slot game a lucrative and entertaining feeling without losing the old-school vibe.

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