Quick Hit Platinum Slot

Quick Hit Platinum Slot
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Quick Hit Platinum is an awesome yet very popular casino game. Initially, Bally Technologies had come up with the very well known Quick Hits, then eventually developed Quick Hit Platinum slot with the very same theme. This is after realizing how much demand this game had in the casino market. It is a game with very innovative graphics, as well as features, that will keep a player yearning to play more and more. Having fun is key, as you make some real money all at the same time.

Enjoy Quick Hit Platinum casino slot online at the comfort of your house. One can get to enjoy it on their mobile phones, desktop, iPad or tablet wherever they are. This is a feature in most casinos online that enables most players to access their favorite slots without having to travel all the way to a land-based casino.

The music in the background compliments the game really well and suits the moment. The slot is known to be presented on a very sophisticated platform known as the ALPHA 2 Pro stepper slot machine. This is one of the key things that will keep old players playing some more and new players trickling in every other minute.

With 5 reels and 30 paylines, Quick Hit Platinum is quite interesting in the sense that, one can wager real money and bet up to 300 credits on all 30 paylines. A player may also choose not to place their bet on all or any payline. It’s quite an easy game, with rules that aren’t too hard to understand.

Understand and Enjoy Quick Hit Platinum!

The rules are pretty much similar. All one has to do is understand the tips and landing a win shouldn’t be so hard. The RTP in Quick Hit Platinum is significantly high and quite reasonable as well.

The symbols featured in Quick Hit Platinum include:

  • 7s – These are in black, white and red.
  • Bell – A classic slot icon featured.
  • 1 bar
  • 2 bar
  • 3 bar all classic as well.

Land Those Wins in Quick Hit Platinum!

Afraid to put your bankroll at any kind of risk? Then this is the casino slot game for you. With a range of 1 to 10 cents denomination, a player is able to account for every penny they bet in this casino slot machine. This makes it possible for both high rollers and low rollers as well to enjoy playing. 25,000 credits are the highest payout offered in this online slot game.

In as much as one can download this online slot and enjoy it whenever, wherever, the online version of this game is more appealing with better features and a theme that keeps one glued to their screen for hours! The theme is out of this world with a catchy black and purple backdrop.

In this online version, the maximum bet is higher, going up to 600 credits. This makes a bit more interesting. Mostly, this version is loved by the high rollers, and those that have been betting for a bit longer.

Every slot player loves to hear the word bonus! Why is that? Bonuses come in many forms and in some way enable one to stay in the game. This, in turn, increases the chances of a player to land themselves some wins. It also makes the game even more exciting since one will want to land the bonuses every other time and earn some real money. This is only in Quick Hit Platinum.

Learn and Earn

Play Quick Hit Platinum slot machine online and get to enjoy the very many features the game has to offer, as well as earn money, as you have some real fun!

The progressive jackpots in this game can be found in the 5 reels and available for players to get playing. The overall jackpot is always indicated on the topmost part of the screen. This way, one is able to see what they are plying for. The payouts are quite something when it comes to this game, hence its popularity.

Having searched all around and haven’t settled on any slot game to try out yet, then Quick Hit Platinum free is the perfect start. After understanding what button to hit and what to pick in order to land those wins, then you can upgrade to the online version and increase your wager to land those huge wins!

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