Playboy Online Slot

Playboy Online Slot
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Wow! Where do we even begin? Microgaming, one of the best online slots developers, have picked the concept of the old Playboy and turned it into a video slot. This is not all, they have taken their time to design the game to befit the gambling world. The new online video casino slot still gets to maintain the name Playboy which is popular among non-gamers and gamers. With 5-reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win, this slot guarantees you nothing but pure entertainment. The graphics are top-notch with some of the characters looking real.

This slot has a black background, and the play screens are also black. It also has sound effects in the background bound to capture the punter’s attention. Some of the characters’ names are Kimi, Sofia, Ashley, and Jillian. These 4 gorgeous models depict the symbols used in the Playboy game. This online slot machine is surely an eye candy. Play Playboy for real money for a chance to win and enjoy the entertainment that comes along with it. Players are advised to read on and get to understand the game rules while still gathering some tips on how to win.

Starting off the Game

The game’s coin size and denomination must be adjusted along with placing your preferred bets using the options provided. To start us off, the bet range is from a low of 0.01 to a high of 0.25. The game may not have a progressive jackpot but has a high payout of 25,000 coins. One can also allow the slot to place a wager with the ‘bet’ option. The ‘autoplay’ option gives you the privilege of having the slot spin without any interruptions.

Playboy slot has amazing features, and the symbols that come with it are just to die for. Characters and objects used in this game are things that are familiar, they also pay out well. Usually, most slots have symbols like the wild and scatter, and Playboy casino slot online is no different. The game’s wild symbol happens to be the game’s logo while the scatter is a Playboy magazine.

Other icons include the playing cards, and the 4 models who offer free spins and other bonuses. For the bonus games, the player needs to land a combination of 3 or more Playboy magazine symbols on the reels. Once the combination goes through, a 4 mini-games feature called the Playboy club is activated. The player then gets to choose which one of the following to play:

  • Kimi – This bonus is always unlocked and offers 10 free spins along with x5 multiplier.
  • Sofia – To get this bonus unlocked, the punter needs to activate the Playboy club feature up to 5 times. What follows is the gamer getting 15 free spins along with a new feature called the running wilds. For Playboy logo that appears, a stacked wild is added in each reel.
  • Ashley – Same case applies here, the feature must be activated 10 times in order to get 20 more spins, and a feature called rolling reels. This feature causes the winning combination explodes creating room for more symbols. It also awards x5 multiplier per spin.
  • Jillian – For this last feature, the activation stands at 15 times. With this, 25 free spins are awarded along with a wild night feature. This feature is randomly triggered and makes 5 reels go wild all at once.

Win Amazing Rewards

For this particular slot machine, the high number of paylines act as an added advantage for the punter. Each and every one of the 234 paylines is an opportunity to land a winning combination. Payouts are also very enticing and appealing. Some of the payouts for different symbols are as follows:

  • Jillian – Gives 500 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Ashley – Pays out 450 coins for a combo of 5 of her symbols.
  • Sofia – Gives out 400 coins for every combination of 5 symbols.
  • Kimi – Hands out 350 coins for every 5 symbols of herself.

This slot offers more chances of making a win than any other online slot available in the gambling world. It also pays well according to the information shared in this review.

Play Playboy slot machine online and get your gaming thirst quenched in an instant. This amazing slot machine does not have restrictions on matters of accessibility. It is compatible with mobile and PC devices, and no download is required. Apart from being offered by most casinos online, it has a good RTP of 96.57% and high volatility. Play Playboy free with no much strategy and get entertained to the fullest. All that is needed is a good number of free spins, and you are good to go. Find a reliable internet connection and get spinning in this great game. You will not regret putting your money in it.

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