Plants vs Zombies Slot

Plants vs Zombies Slot
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A very familiar game for some of the gaming enthusiast, Plants vs Zombies by Spielo is a fairly well adaptation of the original game. Spielo has been a leading producer of crazy, entertaining and fun-filled slot machines. Plant vs Zombies is the latest addition to this crazy collection. The gambling option is based on a post-apocalyptic theme where a player has to defend his/her house from an army of zombies who are entering the house. The only weapon a player has got is plants.

This video game has 5 reels and 3 symbols on each reel. Besides, it has 9 paylines. The play lines can be configured as per the player’s choice. The slot has interactive music and hilarious graphics. The slots machine can be played on a desktop, while the original game is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platform.

What Does This Slots Machine Have in Store?

The rules of the Plants vs Zombies slot are very simple to pick for a novice player. The slot has provided buttons to adjust coin denominations and the number of active lines. This changes the value of the bet as well. The coin denomination varies from 0.05 to 1. The minimum bet is 1, while the maximum bet is 225. The game begins by pressing the spin button. A player can also opt for the maximum bet which activates all the lines, and the wager becomes 225. The paytable button is also present to help a player understand the slot machine.

Special Features and Symbols

Plants vs Zombies game is downright hilarious and funny with its adoption of plants which have special capabilities. The most notable symbols of this gambling option are as follows:

  • Zombies: These are the evil creatures, which have lower payouts.
  • Cherry: It has a medium payout, and it has a special feature of turning a zombie into wild.
  • Sunflower: This is an innocent-looking plant with the highest payout.
  • Halloween pumpkin: Although not so innocent-looking as the sunflower, the Halloween pumpkin also has the same payout as the sunflower.
  • Bottle-Plant: It turns attackers to the right on the same row into wilds.
  • Squashing Bomb Plant: It jumps and smashes a zombie to the right into w
  • Zombie Plant: Although looking harmful, this plant has a high payout and turns a zombie to the right into wild.

How to Win Big

The slot machine has two bonus mechanism called Bowling Bonus and Vasebreaker Bonus. The Bowling Bonus is triggered by 3-5 walnuts on an active line, while 3-5 hammers in a row activate the vasebreaker bonus. In the Bowling Bonus, a player is taken to a bowling alley, where he/she uses walnuts to knock the dead attacking his/her house. In the Vasebreaker round, a player uses hammers to break vases and win rewards while trying to avoid hitting zombies. The vasebreaker round can be immensely rewarding for the player.
The game also provides free spins which are triggered by the starfruit. A free spin multiplier is also present which is triggered by sunflower symbols. The slot has left out the scatter mechanism. The game has multiple winning combinations which trigger progressive jackpots. The RTP of the game has not been mentioned.

Playing for Real Money

The original game has been a hit since it was made available for smartphones and tablets. Gaming enthusiasts can enjoy the Plants vs Zombies free version. Serious gamblers can enjoy gambling by playing Plants vs Zombies for real money from the comfort of their homes. They can enjoy Plants vs Zombies casino slot online at any registered casino which is complying with the UKGC guidelines.

A Piece of Advice Before Playing

Although hugely popular and fairly simple, gamblers and gamers should consider spending a bit of time playing Plants vs Zombies slot machine online for free before gambling. The rules of the game are classic and simple and do not need any elaborate strategy to win big. There are no known cheats. Winning tips are to try smashing vases in different areas of the screen in the VaseBreaker round and start with low stakes.


If you are looking for a fun-filled game which also pays big, then Plants vs Zombies is the game for you. This slot machine has simple rules, hilarious graphics and can reward you with big wins. Being a hit at all the casinos online, this slot stands out for its funny gameplay and symbols.

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