Pharaoh Slot

Pharaoh Slot
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It is always good to occupy the position of power. In fact, in anything one is doing, it is nice if one is at the top. Being a king is not a child’s play, it comes with a lot of responsibility that you need to do. You have to serve your people and ensure that your territory is safe from attacks of the enemies. These and many more are what is required of a King. In the days of the Pharaohs in Egypt, we all saw this play out. They were in control of absolute power. This game from Inspired Gaming reminisces that period. Even though you have heard about the pharaohs before, you will get to learn more about them in Pharaoh Slot. Meanwhile, you will be paid for learning because as you learn, you also have the unwavering opportunity to win real prizes without much stress for yourself.

The significance of this game in the world of the casino is what has driven us to write this review. With this, you will get to see the rules, tips, and techniques that you can use to polish your efforts towards winning an awesome prize as you play Pharaoh slot machine.

Great Features of History

Pharaoh casino slot online is one of the most rewarding slots on offer in the casino world today.  Pharaoh game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The least number of coins in a line is 1 while the highest number of coins that you see on a line is also 1. The least amount of stake that you can put in this game is 0.01 credit while the highest amount of bet that you can place is 250 credits. This is a wide range of betting options, and it gives everybody a sense of belonging regardless of your financial status. Just as you already know, the relationship between the betting amount and payout is directly proportional. This means that if your bet amount is high, you should expect to win a very high prize. On the hand, if your betting amount is low, your prize will not be extremely high. This game pays high, it has a jackpot of 500x. If you can carry out your assignment very well and keep the rules, you will hit this jackpot big time. Meanwhile, your chance of winning big is very high because the return to player (RTP) of the pokie is 95%.

Moving Above the Pyramids of Egypt

Just as you have in every casino game, there are wild symbols in this one too. The wild icons can show up anywhere on the game screen, and they possess the ability to serve as a replacement for every symbol in the game. As they replace these symbols, they will complete the winning combination. Apart from this, these symbols can also form their own wins. All you need to do is to hit at least two of them in any row, and you will have the opportunity to win great prizes for yourself.

You will unleash the greatest prize of this game when you are able to hit at least 3 bonus icons at the same time. The moment this happens, you will see a map that will show up where you can roll a dice and get the opportunity to pick one of the special features that will be unleashed.

The first feature you will see is free spins feature. You will also have the opportunity to increase your prize with a multiplier if you pick this feature. Secondly, you will see the Pharaoh wild feature where you will have four spins, and on each spin, you will get two more wild icons added to the reels. This makes this feature very lucrative. The third and final feature is the pyramid of prizes. Here, you can get big prizes as you climb the steps and move forward.

Play Well and Earn Big

Having read this review, you are now ready to play Pharaoh slot for real money. You really don’t need to wait any longer because this is what you have been waiting for. Call yourself to act now and take charge of the game. With a return to player (RTP) of 95% and a jackpot of 500x, you need to try this slot.

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