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Monopoly Slot
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Overview of the Monopoly Slot

Monopoly is a big hit and remains so as it is such an interesting game to play. You are headed for hours of gaming fun when you play Monopoly Slot machine online. It has the ever popular board game theme with many opportunities to bet and win free spins and money.

Basics of the Game

This game is inspired by the original and has similar elements. Instead of bringing out the board to enjoy yourself, playing the online version at casinos online lets you have an incredible cartel experience whenever you want to.


It is based on the evergreen and always fun this board game. This online version created by IGT has all the features to enable you to enjoy yourself. One more online advantage is that you can play Monopoly Slot with real money and get chances to win cash when you do. This makes it more fun than the board version.


The graphics are inspired by the original.  There is a square board you see on the screen much like the board that the board version is played on. It has all the elements from the original. The graphics and animations contribute to making it a more modern experience of playing the popular game.

Amazing Features

The features have the symbols and other elements that make monopoly a huge draw for people everywhere.

  • Symbols. The symbols are from the board variation. There are bonus rounds to win and lucrative payouts when you land the winning combinations.
  • Bonus Rounds. This round gets triggered randomly. This round features the Mr. Monopoly symbol. This symbol jumps from one reel to the next; this continues till a wild symbol is chosen. Winning is much easier when he is chosen as the wild symbol, and you could be well on your way to claiming a win and payout when this symbol is chosen as the wild. This symbol also has the power to change the entire reel into the wild. When this happens, the jackpots are placed well within your reach.

A Fantastic Experience

The bonus features make it all the more fun and exciting to play. The bonus rounds and the pay lines are linked. Draw 3 dice symbols on a pay line you activated by wagering on it, makes you eligible for the board bonus round.

This is one more fantastic reason to bet and click the spin button. There are some games that you can become eligible for according to the rules. While it’s fun when you play Monopoly Slot free, the real thrills come from the real gameplay action when you bet and spin for the money-spinning payouts.

Even a player who has never played the board version will enjoy the gaming experience this one offers. You don’t need tips, strategy or cheats to have fun and be rewarded for playing this game.

The Whole Wins

Go Bonus

This round takes the Monopoly Slot game to a different level of fun. It is lucrative to play. When you draw the combination that makes you eligible according to the rules, you get chances to multiply your wins 200x.

Free Parking Bonus

If you land on the free parking square, you get award free spins.

Property bonus

There are numerous property squares, and you are likely to land on many of these as you bet and play Monopoly Slot casino slot online. When you are on one such square, you become eligible for gaming action on a small-sized slot machine that you will see on screen.

Community chest

If you land on the deck, you get a card. What the card holds in store for you determines which direction you are headed in the game. You can get moved to any of the squares that feature on the board you see on the screen. You may even get sent to Go Square. Landing here can win you free spins or a payout.

Go to jail square

If you land in this square, you don’t get to claim the go bonus, but you are still eligible to spin for the go to jail bonus.

Jail bonus

It gets activated when you land 3 consecutive doubles. You may also directly land on the go to jail. Square. To leave this square, you need to land a double. You get 3 attempts to land this

What’s the Next

This amazing online casino has all the fun elements and symbols from the board version. This online casino also inspires the rewards and some penalties. The bonus rounds are the highlight of playing this online.

Landing on the different squares and when your rewards are revealed, these make it exciting and engrossing. There are many opportunities to bet and claim the jackpots. The RTP gives you a fair chance to get to the prizes and payouts.

The interesting elements and exciting prizes add to the enjoyment of this fun version of monopoly.

Summary: Monopoly slot is a fun game based on the ever-popular monopoly board game. It has fantastic bonus rounds that give you chances to win exciting prizes.

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