Millionaire Genie Slot

Millionaire Genie Slot
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Millionaire Genie slot machine online by 888 is based on the Arabian Nights theme with a magic lamp and a genie that can make your wishes come true and bring about magical wins. Many casinos online host the products of this software developer making this title available for all and sundry. Those who look for novel features will do well to look up Millionaire Genie slot.

The intro of the game matrix showcases a magic lamp with Arabian music in the backdrop. On the left-hand side, there is a Jackpot Meter that indicates a progressive jackpot prize. Symbols are as per the theme which of golden lamps, keys, books and bags of gold. Cobra guarding an emerald is a lucrative symbol as well. There are three other symbols such as a veiled princess, scattered genie and logo of the wild magic genie; each of these can trigger bonus rounds and free spins. Visuals are meticulously done keeping the players on their toes. The betting limits are made wide so that customers can spin the reels as per their budget.

How to Play?

If you wish to play Millionaire Genie casino slot online, you can do so in the following steps or rules:

  • When you click upon the title you will find the visuals and background details illustrated along with the music;
  • To place wagers and run the lines there are buttons at the bottom; one can choose to manually set the number of play lines and wagers or choose autoplay mode;
  • If autoplay is chosen, the rows spin in an uninterrupted manner and showcase wins as per random outcomes;
  • Wagers can be set within a minimum and maximum bet range which can be 0.01 coins and 5 coins for each row;
  • The different theme-based icons provide higher payouts, while basic playing card icons provide basic wins.

Payouts and Win Possibilities

There are different ways to win here:

  • 3, 4, 5 of any of the icons on a row provide a payout;
  • Three of the bonus symbols, veiled princess, scattered genie and wild genie logo provide payouts; with the scattered one you get to trigger free games, more scatters and free games; wilds are also added to reels, and this leads to more win combinations;
  • 3 of veiled princess icons provide two awards; first is a cash prize while second comes with a multiplier on money reward;
  • Golden lamps, five in a row, provide wins about 1500x bet amount; with the minimum bet of 0.15 coins, you are set to win £225;
  • Millionaire Genie game includes a progressive jackpot – with every bet placed on the game gamblers contribute to the jackpot amount; those who place the maximum bet on the reels get more chances of winning a part of this generous sum.

Payouts of high paying icons with a minimum bet:

Symbol 3 in a Line 4 in a Line 5 in a Line
Lamp €20 €60 €160
Gold clover €18 €24 €96
Horseshoe €8 €16 €64
Hat €4 €8 €32

How to Enjoy Millionaire Genie Slot RTP?

There are many who enjoy features of intrigue gameplay in Millionaire Genie free. Those who look up Millionaire Genie RTP will find it of 95%. This is slightly lower than usual RTPs of video slots. Being of a tight return percentage, one can expect fair amounts but not generous sums. For that reason, useful tips would be to wager high on the reels. Among cheats strategy employed, there can be several; you could opt to set the lines manually and see the outcomes. Those who are slot enthusiasts and like to find diverse features and rounds will be intrigued with the slot theme. The fixed paylines does simplify choices though it also reduces probabilities in win combinations due to which RTP is lower.

There are several casinos online where this title can be found; if you wish to play Millionaire Genie for real money, it is necessary for the player to open a casino member account.

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