Love Island Slot

Love Island Slot
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Love Island is an online slot developed by Storm Gaming Technology, and that is based on a summer-on-the-beach theme. It has 20 paylines that are covered on 5 reels. Its beach theme is beautifully crafted, with a sandy beach and bright sun rays hitting the game’s symbols. Its music is relaxing, giving one a feeling of being on a calm beach. As one enjoys this Love Island slot, they’ll come across beautiful women, shining pebbles, beach balls, flip flops with which to walk on the sand and several poker card icons.

Hit the Beach!

Playing the Love Island game is something that a player can learn with ease. The game is available in Love Island casino slot online sites and can be offered in the free demo mode or in the real money mode.

Once one has access to one of the many casinos online, they can begin their round of play by placing a bet. The minimum bet stands at 0.2 coins, with the maximum being 100. These values allow a gamer to choose from a wide range of betting possibilities based on how much they can afford to wager.

Betting Tips

  • To achieve the best out of your bets, place them on the maximum play lines possible
  • Bet on the maximum coins that you can afford as these will translate into great rewards when subjected to multipliers
  • Do not bet beyond what you can afford as this is a strategy that can see you strain your wallet


Enjoy the Auto Play feature on Love Island. Once the bet is in place, one can push the pebble-like start button to start the spinning of the reels. There’s an additional button, the Auto Play one, that allows the gamer to set several uninterrupted spins. This feature reduces the gaming effort that one must use in manually running one reel-spin after another.

Wild and Bonus Symbols

Play Love Island slot machine online to enjoy its wilds and bonuses. The wild feature is that of replacing other symbols and is activated by different icons as is shown below:

  • Male symbol – appears on reel number 2 and can substitute other icons
  • Female icon – appears on reel number 4 and has the wild feature
  • Cocktail – this sweet drink is also a wild that replaces other icons

The appearance of both the male and female wilds on the reels triggers a feature in which entire columns are filled with wilds. This occurrence increases a gamer’s chance of getting a winning combination.

There is a bonus icon that enables gamers to play Love Island free spins. Three bonus icons activate free spins. One can also win additional spins during the free rounds! A second bonus icon is a thermometer that is clearly visible on the right side of the gaming screen. Once in a while, the thermometer’s temperature reading increases and activates multipliers on wins that one acquires during regular spins.

Capture Amazing Wins

One can win up to 701,150 coins in this high RTP slot. This is definitely a great reward, especially if it comes in the form of cash. Compared to other slots’ jackpots, it is a payout that is high and worth playing for. To enjoy this gift, be sure to play Love Island for real money. To win the best rewards in this game, be sure to:

  • Take advantage of the bonus rounds by spinning the free spins
  • Activate all paylines to increase winning chances
  • Follow the simple playing guidelines to have it easy when gaming

The beach has never been as interesting as it is with Love Island. Gamblers are in charge of their gaming settings, bets and spins. This is what every player wants when engaging with a slot machine. The beautiful graphics of the game, its beautifully built icons and the gameplay itself make it a top choice for many gamers. No download is required when accessing this slot. Simply visit an online casino and play via the web on a pc or on a mobile device. Storm Gaming Technology developers have made this entertainer available in mobile versions to enable people to enjoy it even when on the move. So, when you have that long bus or train ride, just hop onto Love Island and have fun!

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