Kronos Slot

Kronos Slot
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Casinos online games are growing in popularity. The games give you all the opportunity to relax and enjoy. We will dwell on Kronos that is developed by WMS.

This entertaining game inspires you to win the ultimate prize. It also offers you opportunities to attain more in winning rounds. Kronos slot casino online offers you impressive twenty play lines on its 5 reels and 3 rows.

The futuristic slot game theme is the Greek mythology of the past centuries. The main character is the ancient Greek god named Kronos. The background features the famed ancient Greek temple architecture, a flying horse, a lion’s burst, and exotic medals. The medals themselves come in many forms, including red hearts, purple diamonds, and blue flowers.

Features of the Game

The main character is that of the majestic and noble Kronos floating in the sky above the clouds in a white robe. The God himself is the wild here which can substitute for all the other symbols on the reels. Only the scatter is not replaceable here. The scatter symbol is the lion-crested medallion.

Now, let`s have a look at the other symbols which can also contribute to your winnings. The other symbols include:

  • Throne
  • Brackets
  • Pegasus
  • Majestic and gothic temple building
  • Red hearts
  • Purple diamonds
  • Blue spades
  • Blue clubs

With its aristocratic style, the symbols available in the game add to the overall atmosphere.

This gambling option has jackpots and bonus features, like free spins. There are various bonuses. Through the extra wilds, as well as free spins, you can enhance your chances of winning by landing lucrative winning combinations.

The Kronos free spins get initiated when a player lands 3+ similar wild symbols. If this happens, you get rewarded with ten free spins. When you get four wild symbols, you become eligible to 25 free spins. And getting five wilds opens your fortunes to 100 free spins. The free spin bonus is an exciting feature of this game.

There is the Kronos free and paid versions of the game. You can start playing with as little as 0.20, and yet, you will still be eligible for some awesome coin multiplication as well as free spins. You can win from either side of the play lines on landing winning combinations.

Win Big with Kronos Slot

This Greek god wants you to win whenever you are playing Kronos game. You can try this option for free to develop your gambling strategy. To try winning odds, start playing for real money. For this, you need to bet some money and follow some tips.

There are valuable tips on how you can enhance your winning prospects. There are a total of 20 paylines, and the total bet starts at 0.20 and goes up to 60 coins. Here, the maximum coin prize is 2,250. You can then redeem these coins for real money.

To win, you need to know how to bet wisely as well as when to increase or reduce your bets to your advantage. This strategy is always useful.

First, extra spins rounds increase your chances of scoring a win. You, therefore, must strive to get many free spins.

Second, your winning combinations increase when you land three wild symbols on the screen when you play Kronos for real money. So, these are your cheats to win.

The return to player, RTP ratio, is 95.94%. But, you need to follow the rules and play the game in such a manner that it combines a little bit of luck and knowledge. This way, you can play Kronos slot machine online and win.

In Conclusion

Kronos casino slot online has impressive sounds and graphics which elevate your gambling experience. But remember that the game is ‘win all or lose all’. Therefore, take time to learn the game by playing the demo version available. Also, practice how to play with lower bets and then start playing higher ones. Thus, it is high timed you pressed the spin button. Benefit from its lucrative features which come in abundance here. Good luck!

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