Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park Slot
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This casino online slot was launched in 2014 and is still one of the most exciting games to play. It is based on a film with the same name and offers an opportunity to win large amounts of money across 5 reels. Its characteristic 3D imagery makes it unique from other slots. Jurassic Park also comes with great audio, unique scrolling effects, and a fast gameplay.

This slot by a renowned developer, Microgaming, promises to give players a memorable playing experience. The best thing about the game is that the developer has designed it to support various platforms including Quickfire and Flash. This slot’s reels are characterized by Tyrannosaurus, velociraptors, triceratops and so much more.

The Atmosphere of Jurassic Park

This remarkable slot is among the few slots to utilize parallax scrolling effects. With this effect, images in the background tend to move a bit slower than those in the foreground. This effect helps players to concentrate more on the game. Jurassic Park slot has a darkened jungle setting, a wonderful setting professionally designed to amplify your sense of immersion. When playing Jurassic Park casino slot online, you need to be on high alert since dinosaurs emerge without notice and can catch you off guard.

When you play Jurassic Park slot machine online, you will love the way creepers and vines descend to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, the eerie music played on the background plus the chirruping and crackling will elevate your mood and keep you playing. The reels will remind you of the dinosaurs in the original film. You will also encounter the characters from the original film the likes of Alan Grant, John Hammond, and Ellie Sattler.

Playing Jurassic Park

If you have played any five-reel video slot before, you will have an easy time with Jurassic Park game. Basically, you will do what you have always done, and that is attempting to match combinations in order to win some money. However, it is prudent to bear in mind that the coin range goes from 0.30-15. Additionally, the amount of coins allowed is thirty per spin. The highest amount you can win is six thousand times your original stake.

When you play Jurassic Park for real money, you need to be in the lookout for various symbols in order to win big. Some of these symbols include Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant. In addition, watch out for the T-Rex Alert Mode. This mode plays for 6 spins and is always triggered randomly. Expect high payouts with the T-Rex Alert Mode.


Jurassic Park game comes with a lot of freebies.

Its scatter symbol resembles the mosquito in amber. 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols may trigger up to twelve free spins and attractive payouts. When a player hits scatter, they are rewarded with several free spins. In some cases, a player may even be rewarded with split wilds, mystery multipliers, running wilds as well as wild reels.

Triggering free spins for the first time in Jurassic Park will activate the T-Rex spins feature. If a player manages to enter the free spin feature around twenty-five times or more, they stand a chance to experience an awesome feature known as velociraptor free spins. This feature comes with wild multipliers and split wilds. Wild multipliers are popular for their bighearted denominations of four, five, and six times. On the other hand, split wilds create a wide range of winning combinations as well as more winning possibilities.

Additional free spin features in Jurassic Park include the dilophosaurus feature which has a lot of winning wilds, the triceratops feature which comes with loads of running wilds and re-spins and the brachiosaurus feature characterized by mystery multipliers. There is so much to remember, so you are advised to play Jurassic Park free mode before doing anything else.

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Final Comments

Jurassic Park is loaded with free spins giving you a lot of opportunities to win large amounts of money. Additionally, the game is exciting and has some of the best visual and audio effects. Players are also treated to a broad range of bonuses including mouth-watering multipliers, various wild symbols, and many free spins. Never played this slot before? Here is what to expect:

  • Easy to play
  • A lot of freebies
  • Potential to win big
  • Memorable experience
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