Jungle Spirit Slot

Jungle Spirit Slot
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Answer to the call of the wild and awaken your inner wildness by spinning at the Jungle Spirit slot. While you are being introduced with this innovational NetEnt developed game, try and not jump out of your chair as some of the wild-sounds might intimidate you. However, as you step on the 5×3 platform with up to 1024 ways to win, there are numerous wild jungle animals like bears, alligators, elephants, tigers, and snakes that will take your side throughout this journey and even bring great rewards and unlock various features! The Jungle Spirit game environment is beautifully decorated with top-notch graphics and animations to the point that some of the animals might even scare you. Thanks to various Expansion and Boost features, the jungle road to the Jackpot has never been smoother!

Tiger’s Paw 

Join the wild-crew and make the best of each animal combination to ultimately reach the Jackpot prize capped at 15,000 coins. The pay-table in the Jungle Spirit casino slot online disposes of with two groups of symbols from where each grant differently valued payouts. In the medium paying group belong elephant, alligator, tiger, snake, and bear characters, while the low paying group consists of the iconic slot symbols that are worth something less. The highest main-game win that could occur, is brought by a five tiger combo that grants 150 coins, which is being followed with the five elephant combo that grants 100 coins. With a little feature-magic help, the animals can now grow in a split of a second to cover the entire reel and make it easier for the player to form a strike.

Expansion Feature: Butterflies will decide in which moment to show up across the reels to allow you to score much easier. A random symbol of a successful combination is picked to be covered in lightning butterflies and expanded across the entire reel. This feature applies both on the main and bonus levels.

Butterfly Boost Feature: The guaranteed strikes do not only reward guaranteed payouts but could activate this butterfly feature as well. 1 to 3 random symbols that form the winning combo are picked to be expanded across the entire reel.

Free Spins: There are not many games out there in which you can choose from numerous Free Spinning options, but the Jungle Spirit is just not one of them. Before you enter the Jungle Spirit Free Spinning feature, there are five options to select from where each rewards the different number of spins and includes one dominant medium-valued animal symbol. 

  • Tiger – 4 spins
  • Elephant – 8 spins
  • Bear – 12 spins
  • Alligator – 16 spins
  • Snake – 20 spins

It might look more appealing for you to choose the option with the highest number of spins, but the more the spins are rewarded, the lower is the winning potential. That means that by choosing a lower number of spins as you play Jungle Spirit slot machine online, there are higher chances of scoring bigger payouts and otherwise. The free-spins round is triggered by landing three to five scatters anywhere on the reels. During this level, the player indulges now in 1024 ways to win! If the feature is activated with four or five scatters, a coin win is rewarded that equals 15 or 50 times the bet respectively. The scatter symbol is presented as a Lotus flower. 

Jungle Spirit RTP, Bets and Odds

Thanks to 243 bet-ways in the main game, one can fix bet values in wide ranges. One can bet with as little as 0.2 to up to 100 coins when choosing to gamble across all the play lines. Since the Jungle Spirit RTP is at 96%, and the volatility settings are at medium levels, one could expect frequent medium valued payouts. However, the volatility changes in the Free Spinning feature as the player chooses to either win higher or perhaps more frequent.

Summarising Word 

Jungle Spirit took you deep into the wildness and introduced you to wild creatures that will help you fill up your pockets with great payout prizes. With the addition of numerous features like expansion reels and butterfly boost, the gameplay experience has never been smoother. One can play Jungle Spirit slot for real money via online casinos across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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