Jungle Jackpots Slot

Jungle Jackpots Slot
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Despite being one of the most famous adventure stories in the world, Jungle Jackpots is designed to provide players with the ultimate gameplay. If you have ever watched or read about the famous Jungle book, you will agree with me that it doesn’t have only an interesting storyline but also amazing action. The story mainly focuses on a small boy by the name of Mowgli who lived in the forest. He had managed to make animal friends such as a tiger, an elephant, and giant bear.

Blueprint Gaming, the creators of the game, have managed to integrate all the features of the story into the interesting game. You will find the unique Jungle Book themed slot to integrate all sorts of amazing features. Such features include prizes and all sorts of things to help Mowgli on his quests such as fruit bowls and houses, flaming torches, and many more. You will find bonuses such as Hathi the Elephant’s Expanding Wilds, Baloo Wilds, Kaa the Snake’s Locking Wilds, and Mowgli Wilds.

Better still, you can also follow Mowgli as you enjoy the gameplay on his quest. If you help him find the Golden Apple Tree, you could land the highest payline of up to 1000x your bet. In this review, we will help you find out all you need to know about Jungle Jackpots game including its features such as a bonus round, scatter symbols, tips, multiplier, playlines, minimum/maximum bets, combination volatility, and many more. Stick along and find all you need to know about it in this review.

Game Facts

The most interesting part about Jungle Jackpots is the player’s ability to jump from one vine to the other while discovering all about the jungle. Even better, indulging in the slot will guarantee more than the bare necessities. You will get to enjoy four fun and fierce features. Listed below are some of these features:

  • 20 lines
  • A minimum bet of $0.20
  • A maximum bet of up to $500
  • RTP of 96.63%

Besides, you will also get to enjoy a couple of bonuses, Jungle Jackpots free spins, and occasional gift boxes. However, to enjoy all these features, you have to know how to play the game.

How to Play Jungle Jackpots

Typically, slots are all about spins and buttons. Nevertheless, the game manufacturers ensure they have diversified the method of gameplay to make it more interesting. Below are several ways of playing the famous themed slot:

  • SpinBy simply clicking on the spin button, you will get to set the reels on motion and discover more. Using this feature, you will get to discover the mysterious symbols.
  • AutoplayThis feature is exactly what it sounds. You are only required to make one click and could stand a chance of winning BIG! When you click the autoplay button, you will automatically spin the reel for quite a number of rounds.
  • Total BetThis is yet another method of playing the slot machine. If you are feeling lucky, you can utilise the ‘Total Bet’ feature before clicking on the above buttons. Next, to the feature, you will find a ‘+’ and a ‘-’ arrow to increase or decrease your desired amount
    themed slot:

How to Win Jungle Jackpots

Whenever you play Jungle Jackpots for real money or fun, you are guaranteed satisfaction. The game guarantees both fan and cash rewards. The thrill incorporated in the game includes a brooding feeling of the jungle but also amazing prices. However, while playing the slot game, you can never know what’s going to jump at you in the jungle. Prices can also reap out at you at any given time. Regardless, if you want to win big money, the best way to win the game is utilising the available free spins, bonuses, multipliers, set a strategy, and avoid cheats.

Note that all prices are multiplied by your line of the bet, and the type of prices can go as much as 500x your line of the bet. For instance, you can win 200x your line of the bet if you find houses or flaming torches, up to 300x on fruit bowls, 400x on symbols, and 500x on wild footprints. Apart from that, as mentioned earlier, you can also win the highest price of an impressive 1000x of the bet if you help Mowgli reach the Golden Apple tree.

From the above slot game’s prognosis, there is no doubt you will enjoy playing Jungle Jackpots. You will get a chance to enjoy the taste of a wild adventure with Mowgli and his friends on their quest. What’s more, the game features numerous bonuses and symbol, which works on securing more wins. Try it out, and you won’t regret, trust me!

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