Jingle Bells Slot

Jingle Bells Slot
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Christmas is a remarkable time of the year that is marked with gift giving, family time, tons of fun, and the mythical Santa Claus. Red Tiger Gaming is behind the creation of the Jingle Bells Slot, which captures the festive nature of this time of the year with holy, carols, and presents in the form of credits for punters. 

The setting of the Jingle Bells free slot is bright and colourful just like the holiday that it is meant to depict. Five reels sit in the middle of what appears to be a candle-lit living room and are stretched out on three reels. The reels are built in a sheer white shade to leave most of the decorative vibes to elements placed around the screen. The top of the grid is adorned with a string of holly trimmed with lights and a golden ribbon running around it. A medium-sized Christmas tree sits to the right of the screen with ornaments hanging around and a giant star completing the look at the top. The game is quite for the most part until the reels start spinning, which is when carols fill the air and set the mood for the game. 

Tis the Season

The rules of ordinary slot gameplay apply when playing Jingle Bells for real money or the free version. All gamers have to do is select a stake they would like to use from as little as 0.2 credits to as much as 2 credits. The Jingle Bells spin button placed to the bottom right of the screen is generic to Red Tiger Gaming slots and is hard to miss. The turbo option is located right next to it, which allows players to spin the reels faster than the normal pace. Autoplay is also supported, and the consecutive spins can be stopped using a variety of settings such as:

  • The end of ten to one hundred rounds
  • A loss limit of twenty to twenty thousand credits is achieved
  • A single win exceeds twenty to two hundred thousand credits
  • A bonus round is landed

The strategy and settings of the gameplay are the same in both the free and real money versions, with the only tip in the scales being the use of actual cash in the latter option. The symbols on the reels are another similar characteristic, and they also stand as the centre of attraction with the most attention when it comes to graphics and animations. The most notable of the icons is the wild, which is represented by a red present box wrapped in a golden ribbon and placed on a backdrop of the same shade. Santa, a Christmas tree, bag of presents, and sleigh also make a debut on the screen as bonus characters. The standard symbols include:

  • The poker cards A, K, Q, J, and 10
  • Candy cane
  • Red sock
  • Christmas bulbs
  • A star ornament
  • Bells. 

Christmas Goodies

Jingle Bells game lines up credit wins and an array of bonuses for punters to enjoy once they land the correct symbols on the reels. Even standard icons pay for the appearance of three to five on one of the twenty play lines. However, the bells pay for the alignment of as little as two of them. The highest winning combinations for each of the Jingle Bells characters pay as follows:

Character  Winnings for Five in Credits
10 20
J 30
Q 40
K 60
A 80
Candy cane  100
Sock  120
Christmas bulbs 140
Star ornament  160
Bells  320

The jackpot prize of 400 credits is tabled by the wild character when five of them align on a payline. All other special symbols provide bonuses of varying kinds including:

  • Sleigh – a multiplier bonus of eight hundred times
  • Bag of presents – a free spins bonus with special features
  • Santa – raining wilds, winning reels, mega wilds, or a multiplier of twenty times for the Christmas tree

Jingle Bells Slot RTP

Jingle Bells RTP is 96.28%. This RTP rate is the same in all casinos online.


Since no strategy can be applied when playing Jingle Bells slot machine online, no cheats can be used to gain the bonuses or winnings in Jingle Bells casino slot online other than sheer luck. 

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