Jackpot Giant Slot

Jackpot Giant Slot
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Playtech designed a formidable online slot machine called Jackpot Giant game. It has up to fifty paylines. This game also has five reels and three rows.

The play is based on the stone-age era. It offers you a vivid glimpse of the natural forest and mountains of the past lost centuries. You can start appreciating life during the stone-age era by playing the Jackpot Giant free version. This move offers you the opportunity to learn your stakes, in-game features, as well as the bonus plays.

The match itself is rich in nature-inspired visual effects. The huge figure is also entertaining with its antics. And all these are featured in the gaming graphics and sound effects. But that’s not all. You can access the match directly on your mobile devices. Hence, you can enjoy it whenever you go. The easy access enables you to play Jackpot Giant slot machine online and learn more regarding this game.

Vivid Features of Jackpot Giant Slot

Jackpot Giant casino slot online is based on the stone-age era when hulks roamed and ruled the world. Interestingly, therefore, the famed gigantic man in this play guards a forested and mountainous region with active volcanic activities. These volcanoes churn out coins that you can win to boost your progressive advancement to the jackpot stage.

The creature usually waits behind trees or a volcanic mountain. Also, there is a word Bonus within the volcanic eruptions. And these are the features that you should look for on your play lines. These symbols stack, and when they stack vertically, then huge wins awaits you.

The main symbols include the following:

  • Wild
  • Scatter
  • Volcano with the word BONUS
  • A creature standing behind the volcano
  • Purple ruby bars
  • Golden gold bars
  • Blue sapphires bars
  • Gigantic figure standing behind a tropical forest
  • Letters A, K, Q, and J

The huge figure and the volcano eruptions are the main symbols. But you need to look for a series of smouldering volcanoes to register wins. If you note any three volcanoes on the play lines, then these denote a bonus. There can be up to six volcanoes which offer awesome payouts. However, this gambling option doesn’t feature any free spins.

Playing is easy. You can bet from 0.50 to 4.00 per round. The slot allows you to play for free or at very reasonable charges. Starting at 0.50 per spin, you can land fabulous prizes and activate bonuses. A player can utilise these bonus features to unveil different rewards. The Jackpot Giant RTP is 96%.

Winning Chances in Jackpot Giant and Tips to Increase them

To enhance your winning chances and improve your win, you need to play with the highest bet amount. This strategy gives you the opportunity to hit the jackpot. When you align six volcanoes with a bonus on all the five rows, you instantly become eligible to the biggest win and multiplier features. Also, the wild combination offers the highest payout and automatically advances you to jackpots. Similarly, five wild symbols offer great rewards.

You should have a strategy of how to win more money. Use the scatter symbol to trigger the bonus. Three volcanoes with the word BONUS gives you up to 50,000 coins.

Winning is easy when playing Jackpot Giants for real money. You can trigger a massive earth-shuttering winning amount with the right symbol combination. Before starting gambling, you should play the Jackpot Giant free version to understand the gist of the gameplay. The game is straightforward. Therefore, you don’t need any cheats to initiate a win.


Read the rules of Jackpot Giant before starting gambling. You will enjoy the scenic features together with the substantial bursting collections.

Smaller coin wins occur more frequently. Take a risk to have a chance to win big. Press the start button and enjoy travelling in time while enjoying this gambling option for real money at casinos online. Who knows, maybe today is your lucky day, and you will become a mega winner!

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