Jack Hammer 2 Slot

Jack Hammer 2 Slot
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The popularity of the first Jack Hammer has led its developer NetEnt to create a sequel called Jack Hammer 2. Basically, it is an updated version of its predecessor. It features Jack and his main enemy, nefarious Don Crabby. The storyline is about saving the beautiful lounge singer, and at the same time, fight in the duel.

Jack Hammer 2 casino slot online starts with a short cartoon film outlining the main characters of this play. It has impressive 99 fixed play lines and an exciting free spin feature. This benefit enhances your potential to win huge sums. The game has five reels besides 90 paylines.

Slot Features in Jack Hammer 2 Slot

Different symbols represent different storylines. The hero, Jack, is the most valuable symbol. It can either appear either smiling or fighting. The damsel in distress can appear either holding the microphone or crying in anguish.

Don Crabby appears either grimacing or smiling. It is the third most valued symbol. Finally, his goons, being the fourth most valuable symbol, appear either preparing for a fight or having been beaten up. All these symbols to make the rounds of the game extremely interesting.

In this match, wild symbols can replace the other icons with the exception of the free spin ones.

The other low-valued symbols presented in this online casino game are as follows:

  • A dock
  • A microphone
  • A barrel of fish
  • A motorboat
  • An empty gun case.

When you land at least five free spin icons or more on the paylines, a free spin feature can be triggered. This will, in its turn, trigger more bonus spins. In this case, you become eligible to play ten, thirteen, sixteen or even twenty spins. The game doubles all the winnings you accumulated during the bonus spin session. However, any wins registered during the complementary spins will not be multiplies.

You may land more than three free spins symbols when you play Jack Hammer 2 slot machine online. In such a situation, the sticky win feature will be triggered to bring you more wins if you land winning combinations. At the same time, the other reels spin again giving you a chance to land even bigger jackpots. The reels keep spinning as long as you continue scoring new wins. When there are no wins, the session terminates, and it shows the payouts sums.

Jack Hammer 2 game can be played online for free or real money. Gamblers are encouraged to play for money. However, they must follow the tips and rules while setting up their playing strategy. By doing this, they can get the best combinations of symbols and achieve a grand payout of cash prizes and jackpot bonuses.

How to Play Jack Hammer 2 Game to Win

Before indulging in the game, choose the best bet size. Choose the one that you can afford to lose.

Choose a coin value and bet levels. Press the button to set your bets. Once you are ready to play, press the spin button. You can select the maximum bet value to wager. There is also an autoplay option to spins the reels automatically.

The maximum coin size to play Jack Hammer 2 for real money is 0.5, while the minimum is 0.01. The jackpot of this online gambling option is set at 2,500, the Jack Hammer 2 RTP is 97.1%. This is a pretty high return to the player level in comparison to other slot machines. Before gambling, try the Jack Hammer 2 free version to get accustomed to the gameplay.

Summing Up

It is action-packed and offers greatly designed graphics, excellent soundtrack, and enjoyable gameplay. Don’t even bother about cheats to win prizes since this slot machine has a lot of beneficial features. The game is compatible with laptops and desktops, and it can be enjoyed on mobile devices like tablets and phones. So, you can play wherever you like. Play it reliable at casinos online and try your luck! Enjoy the interesting storyline which offers you a memorable gambling experience.

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