Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance Slot
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Immortal Romance is a famous online slot machine game developed by Microgaming, who is among the pioneers of redefining the way of playing online casino games over the years.

With so much experience and reputations at stake, Immortal Romance has all the ingredients, which speaks heavy volume of having unique winning features talked about by most of its players.

Slot Characteristics List in Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance has this set of information for real money and free players.

  • Jackpot Amount: 60,000;
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes;
  • Free Spins: Yes;
  • Multiplier: No;
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes;
  • Wild Symbol: Yes;
  • Paylines: 243;
  • Reels: 5;
  • Lines: Variable;
  • Manufacturer: Microgaming;
  • Highest Payout: 3,645,000 coins;
  • RTP: 96.8%;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • Autoplay: Yes;
  • Maximum and Minimum Bets: 0.01 to 0.20.

Ways to Play Immortal Romance Slot Machine Online

Immortal Romance slot has set a benchmark today of providing large numbers of bonus gaming rounds, which will work according to the levels and will feature all the 4 characters of the game.

With the level of gaming, shooting up fast and payouts are great on offering side, play Immortal Romance for real money contains features, which have different levels of payouts and sometimes unlocks forthcoming bonus symbols and rounds with ease.

The main logo of the game represents Wild in the game of Immortal Romance game, which stands out as one of the most important symbols of the game.

It has a multipurpose property of replacing all the other low payout symbols, which excludes Scatters, and has self-generating payout schemes as well. This includes a maximum draw of 1500 coins for appearing 5 times, 250 and 100 coins for appearing 4 and 3 times respectively.

Scatter Symbol of Immortal Romance is the Lion’s head symbol. Like Wilds, Scatter symbol too gives out payments and activates rounds. For the matter, Scatters give out a maximum payout of 6000 coins for the symbol appearing 5 times.

Beside this, it also gives out 600, 60 and 30 coins for appearing 4, 3, and 2 times. In terms of bonus rounds, they are responsible for activating the 4 level bonus feature at a time. On the Scatters appearing 3, 4, or 5 times, the chamber of spins feature gets started instantly.

Chamber of Spins Feature in Immortal Romance paves an entry to 4 different bonus levels starting on the basis of feature triggers from 1st to 15th respectively.

  • Amber: The first level in Immortal Romance is Amber, which will unlock forthcoming levels of bonus rounds. With the feature, 10 free spins and 5x multipliers are triggered, and free spins can be retriggered at any time.
  • Troy: This is triggered with 5th to 9th feature mode, and gives away 15 free spins, alongside Bats feature. These Bats can randomly transform symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers, with a maximum limit of 6x multipliers to be won.
  • Michael: This is the next level, which gives away 20 free spins and a special rolling reels feature. With this feature in the pursuit, consecutive wins will easily increase multipliers up to 5x.
  • Sarah: This is the last of the feature levels in the game, and easily the most profitable in terms of free spins. 25 free spins with Wild vine feature is assured in the rounds. This vine feature will appear on reel 3, transform all other additional symbols to the same, and retrigger free spins on its entire occurrence.

The Wild Desire Feature in Immortal Romance slot game appears randomly in the reels and transforms 5 reels Wild. During the course of the round, no extra free spins can be kicked off at any cost.

Ways to Win

Immortal Romance is set to assure winners of certain rounds to earn the most out of these popular gambling games today. However, to understand what to look forward and not depend on how the players make the most of it.

On keeping track of the game logo, assures Wild symbol spreading and replacing all the low payout symbols. What is more is the Wild desire feature, working in making the symbol appear more often in the Immortal Romance casino slot online.

Immortal Romance in a Nutshell

The above-described gambling machine is a feature-studded game from the developer, who have acquired to trade among the top casinos of the time.

The game is all about 4 different winning features, studded with free spins and multipliers and scores, which simply raises the bar of online slot machine games.

In the end, Immortal Romance RTP is 96.8%, which definitely is one of the reasons this game is chosen over other popular slots from Microgaming.

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