Hotline 34 Slot

Hotline 34 Slot
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Imagine what 34 paylines would do for you as a gambler in terms of winning. This number of play lines is what attracts a gamer to the Hotlines 34 slot, a fruit-themed game designed by Kajot. The developers availed 5 reels in a manner that is not similar to many other slots. This uniqueness is seen in the alternating 3 and 4 symbol arrangement on the reels. Reel 1 has 3 symbols, and so do reels 3 and 5. Reels 2 and 4 allow for 4 icons each.

The Hotlines 34 game has a dark maroon background, with the reels neatly placed on the foreground. Soothing music plays in the background and is audible throughout the game. The fruits all over the reels are interestingly attractive, and the control buttons are visibly presented at the bottom of the screen.

Get Started

One can play Hotlines 34 for real money in the many casinos online. To do so, one needs to make real money deposits in a reliable online casino and get started with the gambling experience. Alternatively, the Hotlines 34 free version is also readily available on some gaming sites, mostly in the form of a demo game. This free alternative is often played using dummy coins and has equivalently dummy payouts.

Once ready to start gaming, a player needs to decide on the kind of bet that they wish to place. Always remember that wagering should be tied to your budget. Do not over-bet, even if the game has a high RTP. Coins range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 1000, and the paylines are selectable. Buttons at the bottom of the screen allow one to add or reduce the value of their bet, as well as the number of paylines that they wish to gamble with.

With the bet placed, a player can begin the game by pressing the Start button. An additional AutoPlay button allows the gamer to set a number of fixed-bet spins that will run uninterrupted. This option is popular among gamers who prefer to sit back and watch as the reels match without much effort.

Get into Winning Ways

Regular Payouts

A real money win in Hotlines 34 is highly rewarding. To win in this slot, one needs to match at least 3 icons. Wins are awarded as follows:

  • Bar combinations – 3 to 5 bars win one between 50 and 5000 coins. 150 to 15000 coins result from 4 bars, and 400 to 40,000 coins are as a result of matching 5 bars.
  • Star combinations – 40 to 4000, 120 to 12,000 and 300 to 30,000 coins are awarded from 3, 4 and 5 star matches respectively.
  • Refreshing watermelons – Three such items win one between 30 and 3000 credits. 4 result to a win of 90 to 9000 while 200 to 20,000 can be won from matching 5 of these juicy fruits.
  • Ringing bells – Three, 4 and 5 such items have a payout of 20 to 2000, 60 to 6000 and 150 to 15000 respectively.
  • Plums – Sweet plums are also rewarding, with a maximum of 15,000, 6,000 and 2,000 for 5, 4 and 3 of them respectively.
  • Oranges, cherries, and lemons – Even with the bitterness of some of these fruits, they have good rewards. A maximum of 8000, 3000 and 1000 can be won from 5, 4 and 3 of each respectively.

Wild Wins

Hotlines 34 casino slot online also has an even bigger payout than the ones mentioned above. This reward amounts to 50,000 and is rewarded from a Kajot Joker Bar icon. In the third reel, it acts as the wild, taking the place of all other icons except the scatter, represented by Hotlines 34. 5 such jokers lead to the highest payout of 50,000.

Winning with Bonuses

The Hotlines 34 bonus is achieved in the form of free spins. These free rounds are rewarded from the appearance of the scatter symbol. With 2 such items in the 1st or 5th reel, a gamer is taken into the free round feature. These bonuses, however, do not have a multiplier in them as is common in other online slots. With Hotlines 34, however, the rounds awarded are up to 6, and they also have a possibility to bring up a winning wild combination. These Hotlines 34 free games are highly beneficial towards increasing one’s payout.

An additional bonus called the gambling game is also available in Hotlines 34. It is activated after a regular spin win and involves the guessing of a card’s color. A correct guess comes with a doubling multiplier on one’s bet. Amazingly, Hotlines 34 gambling bonus feature also has a security stage that secures previous wins from being lost in case a guess is wrong!

Tips to Wind up with

  • Play with the maximum paylines possible
  • Always be within your budget
  • Do not shy away from the gambling guessing game. A win doubles your bet!

Play Hotlines 34 and get a gaming treat of a lifetime!

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