Hot Scatter Slot

Hot Scatter Slot
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One of the first slot machines are fruit. They were created by various manufacturers and contained a small variety of game symbols. Modern, however, their prototypes in most players are associated with “one-armed bandits” and real casinos, in which it was possible to find such slots. But over time, slot machines have also been created on other topics, while fruit slots have become traditional. The company Amatic decided to remind its users about what previously were machines, releasing the “Hot Scatter” for this.

General Description of the Slot

Appetizing fruit and other traditional symbols formed the basis of the subject of this video slot. The color design of the slot is made in red shades, as it was introduced in fruit machines. In the style of the slot minimalism prevails, because in addition to thematic symbols and a certain color shade, there are no other effects here. The only thing that can be distinguished in the style of the machine is the presence of musical accompaniment and animations in the form of fire.

Description of the Interface

First, the player needs to open the paytable section, using the “?” Button. In it, he will find information about the payout table, as well as a detailed description of the bonus round. So, the prize round is opened only in case of falling out on the playing field of three or five scatterers, represented in the form of the symbol “blue star”. For this player is given the opportunity to perform 15 completely free spins, during which you can repeatedly win bonus spins.

Next, the player needs to choose the optimal bet size for him. To do this, use the button bet. With its help, the player can adjust the betting odds from 1 coin to 200 per active line. The higher the bet, the greater will be the final winnings of the user. As for the game lines, their number is always 10, and its change is impossible. This allows the player to constantly play the game on 10 active lines, which contributes to the rapid formation of combinations. By the way, a combination in this machine is a set of identical symbols, the location of which must necessarily begin with the first drum.

Description of the Gameplay

Preparing for the game, the user can start rotating the reels. This action is performed when using the start button, thanks to which the player can perform a single scrolling or autostart, which is responsible for the automatic running of the game. In the second case, the machine will suspend the rotation in order to show the player the winning combinations, and also invite him to activate the risky round. In the case where the player uses manual rotation, he also has the opportunity to stop them ahead of time, using the stop button to do this. Each scrolling can result in the creation of a winning combination, after which the player is invited to open a risky round. To do this, he needs to use the gamble button. Before the user will open a new game window in which the closed map and several buttons will be located. The player is encouraged to use this card to increase the amount of compensation that is reimbursed for the winning spin.

To double the winnings, the user must correctly specify the color of the inverted map. If the player wants big prizes, then he should guess the suit of this card and earn a sum that is increased 4 times compared to the original one. In a risky round, the user is allowed to perform up to 5 increases in the same winnings. In order to leave this round the player needs to use the collect button, taking away his monetary reward.

The user also needs to know that he can activate the risk of the round in automatic mode if he activates the gamble button before the first scrolling. Having done this, after each winning combination the actions of the game will unfold in a risky round. In addition, the control panel has a few more buttons that the player can use. They do not directly affect the game itself, but they can make it as convenient as possible. And so, the user is allowed to change the language of the interface by clicking on the flag image in the upper left corner of the control panel. Also – turn off or adjust the volume of the sound in the game.


“Hot Scatter” is one of Amatic’s fruit video slots, in which the user has to form combinations of a huge variety of fruits and other traditional symbols for this kind of automata. The player will play the game using a convenient control panel that contains a number of function buttons. Mostly from the classic Xtra Hot slot machine, the viewed slot is characterized by the presence of a symbol scatterer. In this machine there are bonus and risky rounds, which makes it diverse and increases the chances of the user to receive large rewards.

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