Golden Casino Slot

Golden Casino Slot
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Golden Casino is a five-reeled 18 pay-lines classic slot that is powered by Espresso. It has an old-school theme that has been superbly exemplified using fantastic sounds and graphics. Despite being a retro-themed slot, Golden Casino game has some fantastic modern elements like bonuses that make it captivating. You can play this game in a range of online casinos on the web and enjoy its gameplay.

How to Play Golden Casino Slot Machine Online

This slot has a simple gameplay that can be understood by both the expert gamblers and the beginners. It is quite similar to the other Espresso slots; hence, players who are familiar with these slots will have an easy time. First, you should adjust your bets to suit your bankroll. This is done by activating the desired number of lines and setting the coin size. Then, you can hit the Spin button to start the game.

You can play Golden Casino for real money or free. To play for real money, you should simply choose a casino, sign up, deposit cash and proceed to the game to play. Free gamers, on the other hand, can simply sign up, proceed to the game and select demo/free play. Actually, some casinos allow you to play the free mode without registration.

  • Autoplay – Golden Casino slot has an Auto-Play feature that enables you to turn the reels non-stop for a preset number of times. It increases your chances of hitting a winning combo on the same bet in addition to making the game more entertaining.
  • Symbols – The symbols of this slot include the usual poker card symbols Ace, J, 10, K & Q and thematic symbols like the golden credit cards, the blue, red and green tokens, the dice and others. The poker card symbols are the low paying symbols so they tend to appear quite often. The others tend to award bigger winnings but can be quite elusive.
  • Wild Symbol – Unlike other classic slots, Golden Casino slot online has a number of special symbols that will increase your chances of winning. The first one is the wild symbol, which substitutes other regular symbols leading to a winning combo. Moreover, all the winnings that are created using the wildcard have a two times multiplier.
  • Scatter Symbol – It also has a scatter symbol, which is the dice symbol that triggers a bonus when three of them land on the reels. There is the roulette bonus and the blackjack bonus. The former prompts you to choose the winning number and colour and awards free spins. The blackjack bonus, on the other hand, awards a five times multiplier when you select a hand and win against the dealer.

Golden Casino slot RTP – The Return to Player is 95%

How to Win

Golden Casino slot is an interesting game with a high RTP, which makes it worth playing. It is among the best classic slots since it has fantastic bonuses and a modern gameplay that is quite captivating. There are no sure tips that will assist you to make extraordinary wins when playing this game. Actually, you should be very careful when reading such tips on the Internet because most of them do not work.

Nevertheless, there are strategies that can optimize your chances of winning. Firstly, it is easier to win when playing a familiar game. Therefore, you should play Golden Casino free to be acquainted with this game. The free game is the same as the real money slot except for the fact that the latter use real cash. Hence, it provides the perfect opportunity to play the game severally before proceeding to play Golden Casino slots for real money.

Secondly, you should set your bets according to your bankroll. It is easier to leave the game a winner after spinning the reels severally with low bets compared to playing a few times with high wagers. If you have enough, you can place the maximum bet and play severally. However, if you do not, you should set low-level bets that will enable you to keep spinning for longer.

Golden Casino slot is an excellent classic slot by Espresso. It is a retro slot with a distinctly modern touch that makes it ideal for all slot enthusiasts. You should definitely try it out if you are looking for an unforgettable slots experience.

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