Gold Factory Slot

Gold Factory Slot
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Gold Factory is brought to you by the reputable gaming manufacturer Microgaming. This online slots machine has fifty play lines. The online game also has a five-reel combination with three rows. It features multiple bonus options with a bonus-within-a-bonus being an advantageous feature. A player can use bonus items to increase his/her win by landing the right symbols with a corresponding coin value.

Gold Factory RTP

But if you are still a newcomer here, you can play the Gold Factory free version to learn your ways and think about your strategy. Later on, you can play for real money what unravels many goodies. Further, you can land jackpots of up to 50,000 coins when you hit the 5 wild symbols combination. Its attractive payouts are partly due to the high RTP rate of 96.41%. Better still, the extra spins and bonuses offer you a to win more money and become a lucky winner.

Coming to the creative aspect of this game, the cartoon themed industrial setting of Gold Factory game is marvellous. It offers you vivid graphics and hilariously bossy conversations.

But that’s not all. You can play this game on your mobile devices and enjoy it whenever you go. The easy access enables you to play Gold Factory slot machine online and learn more regarding this game.

Vivid Features of the Gold Factory Slot

Gold Factory slot features a Victorian-era industrial park setting. The factory equipment, the building’s logo, as well as the two characters, play essential roles. They form the symbols of this classic animated cartoon game.

With the chief industrialist together with his assistant showing you around the industrial complex, you stand to a chance to score a big win. Besides, collecting some industrial paraphernalia provides you with free spins.

The symbols of this games are of an awesome graphics quality. The main character is the factory owner, impeccably dressed and having a loud tone. It’s, therefore, no secret that he is the highest valued symbol of the game.

  • Wild. The wilds are the high the high paying symbols. The wild symbol can change all the other symbols except for the scatter symbol.
  • Scatter. Here, the gold coin denotes the scatter symbol. The scatter symbols on your paylines provide multipliers. Two scatters give you 2,000 coins, while three provide you with 3,000 coins.

The high-paying symbols include bow-tied sporting kick beats, the disjointed and a rickety factory outfit, a submarine, as well as a balloon ship. Landing any of these symbols provides you high winnings.

On the other hand, there are easy-to-get low-paying symbols when you play this gambling option at casinos online. As such, these offer low-coin rewards. They include wombat fans, a mine cart, gold button bars, and a stack of coins.

Unveiling bonuses and getting free spins is easy if you follow simple rules. Payout ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 coins in bonus rounds.

How to Increase Your Winning Rate

Defy your luck when you play Gold Factory for real money. You get rewards through various bonuses, free spins, and the reactor bonus. The reactor bonus triggers multipliers on your winnings.

But, you must have a strategy and use the tips on how to win.

The boiler room bonus enables you to select any four out of twelve pump machines. Each of these pieces of equipment contributes 1,000 to 5,000 coins to your winnings. Further, there are two additional bonuses you can utilise – the free spin rounds and the reactor bonus.

In the Gold Factory free spin rounds, you are eligible for ten to twenty-five free spins – or rather movements within the premises. Any bonus win gives you two multipliers. But you can’t retrigger the bonus play once you lose it.

The most exciting bonus is the reactor one. Here, a win generates yet another round of bonus. In this bonus play, you get the opportunity to pick any twelve mechanical gadgets. Each tool offers you more coin prizes. But within the twelve items, two are malfunctioning kits. In case you select any of these, your bonus play will end. In this case, you get back to the base play.


Take your time to understand the concept of Gold Factory slot machine online. You will have lots of fun while enjoying this gambling option. The game is straightforward. Therefore, you don’t need to use any cheats.

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