Family Guy Slot

Family Guy Slot
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Family Guy is an interesting TV show that generally represents a typical American household. It is all about how the relatives co-exist with one another and have got different characters with different personalities. This game is based on the very popular cartoon characters that we all love. Hence, Family Guy slot is literally extracted from the same. In fact, the voices and sounds are very familiar, hence making it even more interesting for a player.

As interesting as Family Guy casino slot online is, the developers of this game ensured to make the game just interesting. The very same characters are featured in this online slot game, making it catchy, especially for those that know and love the television show.

The characters are quite iconic, and the graphics are a sight to see. The background music will keep you wanting to play for hours! The gaming experience in this particular casino online slot is amazing. The design idea, as well as the theme used in setting up this particular slots game, is exceptional!

This world-class game is powered by The IGT Developers, a very popular gaming provider known for putting up one of a kind slots. Play Family Guy slot machine online today and get to enjoy the many rewards that come with it. Gambling has never been so much fun! Working on a 3 x 5 reel setup and 30 paylines, Family Guy is quite interesting just like most casino slots online, developed by this particular gaming developer.

Enjoy the Family Guy Show!

With Family Guy, a player can get to sit and relax at the comfort of their homes, while making some real money. With good internet, a phone, iPad or tablet, you are good to go! With this online play option, gamblers have the opportunity to play with no download requirements.

The RTP in this online slot is significantly high. Family Guy rarely allows its players to go through losing streaks. This is an advantage to slot lovers, whether new or experienced players. The trick in Family Guy is to change the symbols on the reels in order to land larger and juicier rewards.

See the Drama, Earn Some Real Money!

The very same characters featured in the TV show can be seen in Family Guy. They include Joe, Peter, Quagmire, Lois, Meg, Brian, Chris, Stewie and Cleveland. They form a bonus known as the drunken clam bonus.

The game is very friendly and has quite a number of payouts to offer. Among other great rewards in this game, there are also multipliers, bonus rounds as well as free spins. Try out the reel-spinning today and experience these amazing rewards.

With this information, a player is able to stay in the game and better their chances of making a great win. If lucky enough, one may even land themselves crazy jackpots! It is as easy as choosing your bet size, the number of paylines to play on and spin away!

Family Guy Free Wins

Several symbols and bonuses offer different rewards and are triggered in different ways. Bonus Items

  • Free spin bonus (Hot Lois) – With this, 10 free spins are triggered, increasing the chances of a player to make wins in Family Guy.
  • Chicken fight bonus – Here, Peter fights with a giant chicken. A player has the option to choose their fighter, and the game has got 3 rounds. Each round has its own rewards.
  • World bonus – This feature involves clicking on to a globe, and it begins spinning. Once it stops, a player is rewarded depending on what they have landed. This bonus is triggered when one lands 3 world bonus symbols on reels 4, 3 and 2 in any position.
  • The drunken clam – This bonus involves sitting at a table with different characters of the game. Each one of them has a certain coin value. Pick any of them and get to know what value each of them consists of.
  • Family guy (wilds) – The wild symbol in this online slot is the game’s logo. It has the ability to replace all other symbols apart from the world bonus symbol. It also cannot substitute for any symbols of the related individuals during the Lois feature.

The Family Guy RTP – The Return to Player is 96.05%.

Other features in Family Guy game include those of the related individuals. These are:

  • Stewie’s – This feature is quite interesting with the ability to reveal up to 3 wilds on any reel once triggered.
  • Lois’ – This feature involves 1 to 3 of the related members’ icons increasing in worth once triggered.
  • Brian’s – With this feature, the world bonus is triggered. This only happens if they appear on reels 3 or 4.
  • Peter’s – This feature involves 200x to 5000x triggering coin. This, in turn, increases your initial bet.

Getting to understand each symbol, and what it triggers for you to gain the knowledge on how to monitor your winning progress! Play Family Guy for real money today and experience the amazing graphics, ease of game-play and high rewards.

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