Eye of Horus Slot

Eye of Horus Slot
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Eye of Horus casino slot online is excluded in the list of popular progressive slots. It has been designed, planned and created by Reel Time Gaming Company. There are total 10 pay lines in it.

On the other hand, it has five reels. When you open this game in your browser, then you will be taken to ancient Egypt. In that ancient time, you will need the guidance and assistance from the eye of Horus that is known as the Sky God of Egypt.

To hit the jackpots and win prizes, you will need help from the gods. In case, the gods help you, then you will be able to win bonus free spins and get into the bonus round. It is essential for every gambler to make a strategy to win in slot casinos online.

Eye of Horus slot has some typical rules which the punters will strictly need to follow. On the other hand, to win the game, there are some cheats available over the web. By reading the cheats and rules properly, the players will have maximum information to create a strategy.

No download is needed at all as it is accessible online. It is included in the coolest RTP slots. You have to make the most of the play lines. You can do this by getting maximum combinations on the pay lines. Your winnings will automatically get credited in your account balance.

When you check out this game, then you will come across some of the best artifacts of Egypt. According to the theme, you have to take the riches from the corrupt pharaohs and please the gods.

The developers understand that gamblers do love the concept of ancient Egypt. The designers have designed each and every element nicely according to the theme. In addition, they have incorporated high-definition graphics and animations. Both these elements will provide a pleasant gambling environment to the gamblers.

In just a couple of minutes, you will become proficient in the game. The gameplay is smooth and fast. There are diverse buttons through which you can control your game without a doubt.

How to Play the Game?

There are total two diverse pay table categories of Eye of Horus slot game. They are created according to the dimensions of the real money awards at stake.

The developers have incorporated lowest paying symbols into the game too. These include King, Queen, Jack, and Ace. All the symbols will show onto the screen more often to provide you with numerous events to win a couple of coins in a line.

To get more engaging awards, bonuses, and jackpots in Eye of Horus slot, you need to check out a range of icons onto the reels. These icons include Beetle, Eagle, Jackal, Cross and Palm Trees. All the icons are included in highest-paying icons.

In the event that you manage to target them onto the activated pay lines, then you can win big rewards and prizes. The special icon which you have to target is the Eye of Horus icon. It is valuable because it will take you to the highest winning. To get more winnings, you need to land this icon onto the reels.

The Wild icon in Eye of Horus slot is the God Horus. It can replace other regular and lowest paying icons onto the reels. Still, it is not able to replace Golden Door icon as it is the Scatter. In case, you land 3 or more Golden Door icons on the reels, then you can trigger 12 Free Spins and get a big real money prize instantly.

There are some restrictions to do gambling in this game. The minimum bet you can place is one cent for one pay line. It implies that you can put maximum 20 Euros on the 20 pay lines to play Eye of Horus slot machine online.

How to Win the Game?

To win the game, you have to comprehend the rules and regulations. Moreover, you will have to follow these tips explained below:

  • You have to put small real money amounts on a stake so that you do not lose all your money in just one spin.
  • It is imperative first to do practice with virtual cash and then go for the real money.
  • Do not be greedy.
  • Always do gambling from the mind, not from your heart.

In the base game, you can pick the lines of your choice to set the bet. After choosing the lines, you can put your money on a stake and then press the button of Spin. Also, there is an autoplay option through which your winnings will automatically credit into your account. The game will automatically set the bets and spin the reels for as long as you want.

Eye of Horus RTP – The Return to Player is 94.81%.

There is much to discover in Eye of Horus slot. The developers and designers have put forth a masterpiece in the world of gambling and gaming. The realistic universe of Egypt will come in front of the players which will amaze them for real.

You can play Eye of Horus slot free or for real money. However, it is recommended to play Eye of Horus slot for real money.

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