Enchanted Unicorn Slot

Enchanted Unicorn Slot
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The thought of unicorns brings this mystic view in everyone’s mind. They are known to be very beautiful. Enchanted Unicorn slot gives the same magical feel to every player that gives it a try. The theme used is quite catchy and keeps one wanting to play for hours! This online slot game has this fairy tale feeling that would mostly attract ladies. With a unicorn incorporated, it sure does have a theme to keep them logged in every other time.

The graphics used are a sight to see, and the soundtrack, as well as background music, will keep a player glued. The best way to get to experience all of these great features is by giving it a try.

Developed by the very popular IGT gaming provider, Enchanted Unicorn, just like other casino games online, is quite catchy. The features used are very interesting. It is user-friendly especially for the new players ready to experience a great fairy tale-themed online slot. All one has to do is understand the rules and tips.

The advanced players as well will get to enjoy all that Enchanted Unicorn game has to offer.

This unique slot game has 20 paylines and 5 reels. This appeals to all kind of players, which is the low ranking players and high ranking players. These are some of the reasons why it is quite popular.

Dive into the Enchanted Unicorn Fairy Tale!

Enchanted Unicorn has several symbols featured, and each one of them has a role and adds some significance to the game. The icons representing mainly are:

  • A lion – This is the highest paying symbol.
  • Evil wizard – Playing all through without having to choose this icon may land you the treasure chest.
  • The moon – This is normally a full moon and is usually the scatter in this game.
  • Treasure chest – This symbol cannot be transformed into a wild.

Other symbols featured in Enchanted Unicorn casino slot online include Enchanted unicorn, the King, the damsel princess, one red rose, acorns that are golden, mulberries, toadstools, and pinecones.

Understanding the symbols and their significance in the game may enable a player to land themselves some really catchy payouts at the very end of it all. This, in turn, makes this online slot a great pick for slot lovers especially.

For instance, the treasure chest symbol offers a bonus known as the bonus event. This comes about if one lands the treasure chest symbols simultaneously on the 5th and 1st reel. The bonus payout can then be multiplied depending on the initial bet of the player. This is mostly between 5 and 148. If this doesn’t make you want to try out Enchanted Unicorn, then I don’t know what will.

The Lion symbol, which is known to be the highest paying symbol, offers a player a great payout. Landing 5 of these on a winning line can be as much as 2,000 credits. The full moon is capable of multiplying wins. If 5 of these appear on a line, the moon symbol may multiply the wins by 100x. This, in turn, makes the payouts at the very end quite rewarding. With these kinds of features, who wouldn’t want to try out Enchanted Unicorn?

Play Enchanted Unicorn for real money, without the fear of hurting your bankroll. It is possible to bet on only one payline. This simply means 1 credit per line, hence making that 1.00 credits. This simply means, activating 20 lines will be 20.000 credits only. This is an added advantage to the low ranking players.

RTP in this game is also significantly high. Maybe not as high as most casino slots online, especially those developed by IGT gaming site, but it’s quite okay. This should be some of the reasons that most players who are yet to give a try, consider doing so!

The maximum bet will cost a player only 100 credits, isn’t that just amazing? These are some of the dynamic set of features the game offers, making gambling a lot easier and convenient even for the newcomers who love gambling.

An Easy yet Enchanting Unicorn Casino Game!

Enchanted Unicorn free also means a player can get to play this game at the comfort of their house on their desktop, laptop, iPad or tablet without real money. This way, trying it out is made much easier for the new player. The theme itself will make you want to log in and give a try. It is well depicted with graphics to keep you yearning for more.

An app known as the IGT Mobile app offers this slot game online. Here, all features are incorporated hence making it more fun playing it online. It is quite easy to learn and is user-friendly for every person interested in trying Enchanted Unicorn out.

With general know-how and quite a bit of information, one can now play Enchanted Unicorn slot machine online and hit the right buttons to land those jackpots.

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