Dynamite Digger Slot

Dynamite Digger Slot
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Dynamite Digger has been developed and released by Playtech. It has five reels that are linked with 20 selectable play lines. It has a mining theme which is unique for sure. You can get to win multipliers in this slot machine. The highest multiplier which you can win in it is 5000x.

When you get a winning combination of the top paying symbol, then it will provide you with 25,000 pounds. Make a strategy to target this symbol frequently. Nevertheless, there is no free spins bonus round present in this game. You will also not find progressive jackpots in it.

Each player from all over the globe can find this slot in big casinos online. You can play Dynamite Digger for real money or for free, the choice is yours. In the event that you want to win money, then it is important to adjust the wager with money. Also, you will need to create an account on any gambling site to play it for money. Otherwise, you can enjoy the free mode without an account.

Dynamite Digger RTP

The game rules are not so hard to comprehend. The RTP of Dynamite Digger casino slot online is 95 per cent. This RTP does not mean that you can win 95 Euros by setting the bet up to 100 Euros. It implies that you can get the return up to 95 per cent. On the other hand, the house edge of this casino slot is 5 per cent.

Explode the Symbols!

Before you start to play Dynamite Digger slot machine online, you have to understand the method to play it. At present, we are going to mention the method as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to set the betting value by using the LINES and STAKE tab. The button of LINES means that you can control the number of play lines on which you can place the bet.
  2. You have to access the play lines by clicking on the button of PAYTABLE. It will show you play lines up to 20. The STAKE tab is what you are wagering per pay line.
  3. When you are all set, then you have to click on the yellow button which is SPIN. It will start spinning the reels.

When it comes to the bonus features, then there is only one bonus presented in this gambling game. This feature is known as the exploding reels. You can also know these reels as the cascading reels. You can activate this feature whenever you get a win. When you get a winning combination on the reels, then the symbols will start exploding. These symbols will leave space for the new symbols due to which you will get a win.

All symbols of this betting game are divided into two categories. There are low paying symbols and high paying symbols. The low paying symbols include J, Q, K and A. On the other hand, the high paying symbols include a pickaxe, a paraffin lamp, TNT plunger, and a pair of gold wagons, the dynamite and the miner.

Grab the Prizes

The rules and guidelines of the Dynamite Digger game are easy to remember. It is a game which is based on luck, yet you can do well in it by following a number of tips. Right now, we are going to introduce you a few of them which may help you in playing Dynamite Digger slot. Have a look:

  • At all times, you have to be picky when you are going to place your bet.
  • Do not cross your budget limit.
  • You have to set the bet with additional money. There is no compelling reason to put your entire cash on the wager.
  • Play this casino game two or multiple times for free to do the practice.
  • Use the cheats and tricks that are accessible over the Internet. However, you have to use these cheats and tricks in the free version. In case they work for you, then use them in the money version.

Final Thought

Dynamite Digger free slot is eye-catching without a doubt. It is a standout amongst the best casino games which you can play on famous betting websites. It is best for both low and high rollers. The play lines, wagers per payline, and other options are available near the reels. The best part about this slot game is that you will get exploding reels. These reels will increase your winning chances.

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