Double Bubble Slot

Double Bubble Slot
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Get Familiar with the Details!

Double Bubble Slot is one of those games that will keep the player fascinated round after round. If you like slots with a fruity theme, this arcade machine from Gamesys is a great option.

While this game can bring you some money, it also has a relaxing atmosphere built around it with cute pastel colors and a pleasant soundtrack. Keep reading this review to see what you can expect when you play Double Bubble Slot for real money.

Main Aspects of the Double Bubble Slot

Double Bubble casino slot online has everything it needs to be a successful gambling machine. It is built on very accessible basics that make it perfect for both beginners and experts.

  • The theme of this one is very nicely put together. You will appreciate the fruity elements as well as the bubbles that go up and down the screen. Among the symbols, you will find fruits like oranges, grapes, and cherries which only make this theme a lot cuter and more attractive.
  • The elements that you will find as you play Double Bubble Slot machine online are all very well created and designed. They look sweet and inviting and colorful enough to keep you enjoying playing for hours.
  • As far as the sound goes, you will not be disappointed either. All your spins will be accompanied with soft sounds and exciting music every time you win from a successful combination.

Double Bubble Slot RTP

As you play this one, you will understand why it is featured at most casinos online with an RTP of over 95%. It is the perfect combination of cuteness and excitement in the world of arcade machines!

Main Features to Keep an Eye On

The rules of this gambling machine are very simple as well. This is why you will feel confident enough to keep playing it even after the first round. You will find the next features as you play this machine:

  • This is a 5 reels machine with 20 paylines to choose from. You can activate as many pay lines as you feel comfortable with which makes the experience very flexible.
  • As far as betting goes, you can go from 0.01 pounds to 10 pounds for each payline which gives you a maximum bet of 200 pounds for the game. This is why all types of gamblers can enjoy this machine without being concerned about the betting values.
  • You can adjust the bet value using the plus or minus button on the screen. Also, you can start a new spin by clicking the spin option which gets the machine going.

It might come as a downfall for some customers to see that this one comes with no free spins but it compensates on many other aspects!

Join An Exciting Adventure!

A great way to enjoy this arcade machine is to get the advantage of the bonus chances you get. There are no significant jackpots, but the bonus can bring you some interesting combinations.

If you get the luck to land 3 bonus symbols on the reels 1, 3 and 5 you will open the Bubble Popper Bonus. The idea of this bonus round is to choose a bubble and see the price it brings you in the form of a multiplier.

Double Bubble slot knows how to attract players to keep up the spins. However, there are no cheats or special tips that will help you win, except your luck and experience. You can try to enjoy the experience of gambling with Double Bubble free which is a useful demo version for those who want to get used to it.

Plenty of Winning Chances in One Game

  • The Double Bubble logo is also the wild symbol of the game and the most valuable one so keep an eye on it as you spin away! If you land 5 of these matching symbols, you can get a prize of 20 000 x your bet. If you get 3 symbols to match you win 100 times your bet while two symbols bring you 20 times your bet. As a wild, this symbol also replaces others, so you get more winning chances.
  • After the wild symbol, the highest in value are the super seven as well as the golden bell. Both of this award your bet is 500 times for a combination of 5 and 200 times your bet for a combination of 4. There’s also a green triple bar that offers 500 times your bet for 5 and 100 times your bet for 4 of them.
  • The smallest icons when it comes to their value are the fruits. Some will pay 200x your bet for 5 of them while others 100x your bet. These are still significant opportunities to watch out for.

Bottom Line

Double Buble is one of those machines that might get you in love with the world of gambling and all the chances that hide in it. You will enjoy the bonus as well as the big prizes that come with each paying combination. And even if there is no scatter or jackpots, you can enjoy every spin of this arcade machine!

Summary: Double Bubble slot machine can bring you a lot of excitement and fun every round. It comes with plenty of chances to explore and great prizes.

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