Demolition Squad Slot

Demolition Squad Slot
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Some lively freaks are on their way for a smashing fun, and they are inviting everyone to make fun out of the dull and boring routine in Demolition Squad presented by NetEnt.

It is a cartoon-themed online video slot where the crazy cartoon characters are present behind five reels, and they can give amazing rewards when they form winning combinations. The game has 40 play lines, along with the low and high paying symbols that will make your time with these crazy freaks memorable.

Special Icons of Demolition Squad Casino Slot Online

This gameplay comes with some special symbols, so let’s take a look at them right now.

  • Wild: It appears on the second and fourth reels, and it steals the show whenever it makes an appearance on these reels. It converts all the first three reels’ symbols into wilds, thus making bombastic winning combinations that can bring big payouts. As for celebrations, they are also big, because all the characters in the game become alive.
  • Wrecking Balls: These are scatter icons of Demolition Squad, and they can appear on all the reels. It means whenever 3 or more wrecking ball symbols appear on the screen, they trigger the free spins feature.

Demolition Squad Free Spins Special Feature

The free spins round is triggered by landing a specific number of Wrecking Ball icons on the reels. So, once in the free spins round, all the payouts will be tripled.

In order to hit massive wins, keep looking for the scatter icons to which activate the bonus free spins feature.

Here are some details concerning how many free spins you will get depending on the number of the scatters landed on the reels.

  • Hitting 3 Wrecking Balls brings up to 10 free spins.
  • Hitting 4 Wrecking Balls brings up to 20 free spins.
  • Hitting 5 Wrecking Balls brings up to 50 free spins.

Demolition Squad High and Low Paying Symbols

There are icons that can give different payouts once they appear on the screen. So, here is the list of these icons and their payout values:

The white robot icon gives the following payouts:

  • 5 Robots = 4,000
  • 4 Robots = 400
  • 3 Robots = 100

The construction guy with a yellow helmet gives the following rewards:

  • 5 guys = 2,000
  • 4 guys = 300
  • 3 guys = 75

The grinning guy gives the following rewards:

  • 5 grinning guys = 1,000
  • 4 grinning guys = 200
  • 3 grinning guys = 60

The girl with a purple cap brings you the rewards as mentioned below:

  • 5 girls = 800
  • 4 girls = 150
  • 3 girls = 50

The guy with a mask has the following rewards to offer:

  • 5 masked guys = 600
  • 4 masked guys = 125
  • 3 masked guys = 40

Finally, the guy missing one tooth offers the following payouts to you:

  • 5 guys missing one tooth = 400
  • 4 guys missing one tooth = 100
  • 3 guys missing one tooth = 30

Besides these funny and cartoonish icons, there are traditional card icons that also contribute to your winnings. So, five A icons award 150 credits, while K, Q, J and 10 award 120, 100, 80 and 60 respectively.

Demolition Squad Game and Its Bets

Demolition Squad slot offers the jackpot of up to 120,000 coins.

For this, you need to place the bet. The minimum requirement for the bet is 0.01 coin, and the maximum bet is 200 coins.

You can adjust the betting limit through the + and – buttons provided at the bottom of the screen.

Demolition Squad RTP

The game is highly popular with online players as it offers generous jackpots;

Demolition Squad Slot RTP is calculated to be 97.1%.

Tips to Play Demolition Squad for Real Money

Demolition Squad is an easy-to-play game. Although it does not offer many bonus rounds, it gives enough rewards to players.

The game is best suitable for new punters, and they can learn how to play and think about their betting strategy by playing it in the demo mode first, and after that, they can start playing this slot machine for the real money at casinos online.

Play Demolition Squad Slot Machine Online

Demolition Squad is simple to play and comes with no complicated rules. Mind that there are no cheats available for this slot.

So, join the team and experience all the thrill right on your computer by playing this adventurous 40-payline game!

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