Deal or No Deal Slot

Deal or No Deal Slot
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In 2005, Noel Edmonds who was an unknown entity in the entertainment industry when he appeared for the first time on America’s CNBC hosting a show titled ‘Deal or No Deal’. In the show’s early days, most people were not quite convinced by the show, but as the weeks passed, the show started gaining traction.

By the end of the year (2005), the show was popular across America and in subsequent years, it also became a household show in other countries across the world. Realising the potential that rested within the show, Endemol Games quickly rushed and acquired the rights to produce branded gambling games.

The first (hopefully more are on the way) branded game developed by Endemol Games is this game, Deal or No Deal slot. From the graphics, symbols on the reels to the background sounds, this slot game features everything that one sees when watching the show.

The game even comes with a bonus game that resembles the actual show. To partake in this exhilarating slot, all you need to do is to spin the game’s 5 reels that come with 20 paylines.

Slot Layout

Deal or No Deal game does not come with special graphics. The play comes with simple 2D graphics with the background covered by a solid purple colour. The reels of this pokie are all covered by a solid white colour.

Playing the Slot

Your adventure in Deal or No Deal casino slot online will start when you press the ‘Spin’ button. However, before you do that, you have to decide if you want to spin the reels for fun thus play the game Deal or No Deal free or if you want to spin the reels for profit thereby play Deal or No Deal with real money.

If playing for fun, then there is no other requirement expected from you, but if you want to spin the reels for profit, then you need to bear the following in mind. You need to choose the bet per line amount you want to wager with.

This slot does come with adjustable paylines, therefore, you can wager across all 20 paylines or fewer whenever you want to spin the reels of this gambling machine. The minimum bet per line set in the pokie is 1.00 coin.

This means across all 20 paylines you will need 20.00 coins when wagering across all 20 paylines. The maximum bet per line set in Deal or No Deal slot game is 10.00 coins meaning you need to have 200.00 coins in order to start playing this game with the max bet per line across all 20 paylines.

This pokie is a bit traditional therefore you will not find many buttons on the control panel including the ‘Autoplay’ button which if present, would allow you to spin the reels consecutively.

Special Symbols

Noel Edmonds in his show has some special gifts reserved for his visitors, and in the same vein, the slot has some special icons reserved for the players. The Wild symbol in the play is represented by the neon game logo icon. This icon has the powers to substitute for any other symbol, and it does this only when completing a winning combination. Every win in which the Wild is part of is doubled. The Scatter symbol in the slot is represented by the telephone symbol.

Bonus Features

The slot machine comes with a few bonus features that will help you increase your chances of winning. These bonus features include the mentioned below. The Reel Banker bonus. This is a random bonus in which the player will receive countless free spins. The bonus will only end when the banker pops up on the reels. There is a probability that you can get over a hundred free spins! In addition, every win that comes during this bonus is doubled. The Bankers Best offer. In this random bonus, you will be presented with two options, to choose the prize that’s offered to you by the banker or to select a box and reveal your prize. If you go for the second option, you have up to 10 times of choosing different boxes to reveal your prize. The progressive jackpot. You can hit the massive jackpot when you land five of the telephone Scatter symbols on an active payline.

Winning When Playing the Slot

To win, play Deal or No Deal slot machine online and match the following symbols:

  • The banker icon is the highest paying symbol rewarding you with up to 1,000 credits for matching five of these.
  • The red coin pays the second most in the game rewarding you with up to 750 credits for five of these.
  • The Deal or No Deal table rewards you with up to 500 credits for five of these.
  • A book icon rewards you with up to 250 credits for five of these.
  • A mug rewards you with up to 150 credits for five of these.
  • Card symbols reward you with up to 125 credits for five of a kind.

This Endemol slot is easy on the eye and easy to play also. You can play the game either for real money or for free.

Deal or No Deal RTP

This is a low volatility game with an RTP of 92.6%.

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