Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot
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You have heard about one of the greatest men on the face of the earth, Leonardo Da Vinci. His findings in the field of science are unprecedented. It is, therefore, a good thing that IGT is bringing the Da Vinci Diamonds slot to every slot lover. This is not only because it involves techniques which we are going to share here but also because it is highly rewarding and you can win a high so far you follow the rules of the game. Apart from this, you also have the chance to enjoy yourself to the fullest. So, this pokie is just rewarding in every aspect. All that is needed from your own side is to ensure that you coordinate your gameplay very well so that you win big and be the best you want to be as a slot player. To help you achieve your aim, we are writing this review which is all-encompassing as it contains every single detail of the game that you need to keep to get your desired. Follow us on the journey to the Da Vinci Diamonds free pokie. If you are ready, here we go!

The Amazing Features

Da Vinci Diamonds casino slot online has the special features of wild, scatter and free spins. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The least value of coins in a line is 1 while the highest number of coins that you see on a line is also 1. Aside from this, the least amount of bet that you can put in is 1 credit while the highest amount of bet that you can set is 100 credit. You need to remember that the amount of bet that you set will greatly determine the value of payout that you will have; the higher your betting amount, the higher your reward. One feature that makes Da Vinci Diamonds one of the most amazing casino games online and slot players’ favourite is the jackpot. The game has a jackpot of 5000x. That is very true, 5000x! Imagine you hitting this jackpot, you are in big money. Meanwhile, hitting the jackpot is just so simple and direct, you just have to follow the laid down rules and procedures of the game, that’s all.

Da Vinci Diamonds RTP

In addition to the great features that have been stated above, your high chance of getting a prize by playing this game is confirmed by the fact that the return to player (RTP) is 94.94%.

The Great Symbols

As you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine online, the icons you will encounter vary in their values. The high pay symbols include Mona Lisa, Portrait of a very young man, Cecilia Gallerani, and the Da Vinci Diamonds game logo. Other icons that you will come across but which are not of high value include orange, red and green gems. The scatter is denoted by the bonus icon while the wild icon is represented by one very big wild object which can perform the substitution wonders. The wild icon will serve as a replacement for every single symbol in the pokie with the exception of the scatter symbol alone.

Unleashing the Bonus features

This game surely offers bonus features for you, but the question is how will you unleash these features? Look no further because the answer is here. Continue reading to check it out.

  • The Tumbling ReelsThere are some flowing reels that occur in the bonus and standard gameplay. The moment you are able to spin a win, you will see the symbols that are involved disappear so as to allow more icons to fill in the gaps. This is a good way for creating a new winning payline.
  • Free Spins featureHere, you have the opportunity to win big. All you have to do is to hit at least 3 of the bonus icons on the reels 1, 2, and 3. Although you will not get an additional multiplier to increase your prize in this round, you will have the tumbling reels still operating. So, you have the opportunity to get more free spins. While the bonus round is still on, you can get more free spins for yourself by hitting additional bonus icons.

Final Say

You don’t need to wait any longer, the right time is now. Just forge ahead to play Da Vinci Diamonds for real money. With a return to player of 94.94% and a jackpot of 5000x, it is worth it.

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