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Cleopatra Slot
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Cleopatra Slot has been designed and planned by IGT which stands for International Gaming Technology. It is known for its amazing casinos online. The developers and designers of this company have worked a lot on Cleopatra Slots.

Advanced styles, designs, and outlines are created to make it eye-catching and out of the ordinary. The game became so famous in a short span. Due to this reason, the company launched the sequel in a couple of months.

Cleopatra Slots casino slot online has been made on the charming Egyptian Queen is known as Cleopatra. The game includes all the symbols and items that are linked to Egyptian culture. When you first check out the gameplay, then you will get amazed by the layout. You can play Cleopatra Slots for real money or just for free.

Those individuals, who want to go into the bonus round, need to make a strategy first. There is no doubt that the game provides a magnificent gambling experience. There are diverse play lines on which the players will need bonus icons to unlock the bonus features.

Cleopatra RTP

It is a good RTP casino online game. The designers have placed the control buttons on the bottom of the screen. To maximize your credit, you can check out the cheats as well as read out the rules to get complete information about the slot. Cleopatra RTP is 95%.

It is actually a typical slot machine although has many unique features. The main thing which differentiates it from the rest of the slot machines is the number of reels. Usually, the slot machines have three reels, but this one has five.

In addition, it is designed and developed in such a way that the company has allowed a touch feature. This feature is not present in other regular slots. There are total 20 pay lines available for the gamblers.

How to Play the Game?

It is not so difficult to play Cleopatra Slots game. No download is required. All you have to do is to open the Internet browser on any device and start your game right away. It is a fantastic game for the casual and frequent punters as they can start betting from only one penny.

The maximum bet can reach up to 10 dollars for each pay line. The regular betting range begins from 0.10 dollars to 5 dollars. The players can get their hands onto the jackpots by targeting the Wild icon. However, the jackpot can reach up to 10,000 credits. Cleopatra Slots free is included in the highest payout slots.

The entire gameplay is surely unique as it utilizes a lot of special elements from the culture of Egypt. There is a seductive voice incorporated in it which is inferred as the voice of Cleopatra. The video animations and graphics are intense and realistic.

The icons that are placed on diverse reels are a range of elements from the Egyptian culture. These elements include Sphinx, beetle, and others which are linked with Egypt. The face cards are shown by the identical lettering which is neither an advantage nor a drawback.

How to Win the Game?

You can win the game by following an accurate strategy. It is imperative to read the rules and regulations before making a strategy. The punters will need to invest coins into the slot to activate the pay lines.

After that, they have to start betting on every pay line for a specific amount. The payout is dependent onto the matching combinations.

There are some tips that you have to keep in mind. These are mentioned below:

  • There is a Scatter icon which is displayed by the popular landmark of Egypt. This icon is Sphinx. In case, you land three or more Scatter icons onto the reels, then you will enter into the Free Spins round. In this round, you will immediately get fifteen free spins.
  • The combination of winnings in the round of Free Spins will provide you the opportunity to triple your winnings.
  • For the period of normal gameplay, the scatter icons assist in doubling the payout bet in case there are 2 or more icons show up onto the reels.
  • The maximum free spins which you can avail in the bonus round are 180.

There are diverse other features of Cleopatra Slots which can assist you in maximizing your winnings. The Wild icon is actually Queen Cleopatra. This icon can replace other icons onto the reels. Nevertheless, it cannot replace the Scatter icon. It is able to create a winning combination.

When you are able to make a combination of winning, then your wage amount will double up in a second. In the event that you have five Wild icons onto the reels in the base game, then you can avail the jackpot.

Cleopatra Slots has design and layout that will take you to the ancient Egyptian world. It has been themed after Egypt’s last pharaoh. However, it is quite an enigmatic slot machine which has engaging background music.

Your gameplay is simple so you can unlock the bonus rounds and features quite easily. Thus, you should play Cleopatra Slots slot machine online right now.

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