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Cats Slot is a wonderful online casino play from IGT, who have kept the theme of kitties and their different types. This is one of the attempts by IGT keeping the entire aspects in the simplest of manners. Cats Slot is one of the games, which has a perfect blend of jackpots as well as regular payouts.

Cats Slot Characteristics

This intriguing gambling machine contains a brilliant pokie layout.

  • Jackpot Amount: 10,000,
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes,
  • Free Spins: Yes,
  • Multiplier: No,
  • Scatter Symbol: No,
  • Wild Symbol: Yes,
  • Paylines: 30,
  • Reels: 5,
  • Lines: Fixed,
  • Manufacturer: IGT,
  • Highest Payout: 2,5000 coins,
  • RTP: 94.9%,
  • Volatility: Medium,
  • Autoplay: Yes,
  • Maximum and Minimum Bets: 0.01 to 20.00.

Ways to Play the Game

Cats slot online is a gambling machine, which follows an uncomplicated structure of the betting layout. Unlike some of the other games from IGT, play Cats slot for real money is sedate about the way the game looks and gives off payouts and bonuses.

However, this is not an issue for the players by any means, especially for all those, who thrive to play for real money over playing free. This pokie undoubtedly has a brilliant scheme of structures, which assures such payouts pile infrequently and uninterrupted.

Wild Symbols in the game of Cats casino slot online, follows a setup of having a multipurpose utility. What this means, the Wild in the game first acts as a trump sign and rightfully replaces all the other low payout signs except for the single and multiple paws icons.

Now for the bonus part of the icon, is when it replaces any of the cat-imaged signs, which will lead to the icon working as a double. In the end, the Wild token also gives self-combination based payouts.

  • 10000x for the icon appearing 5 times across the reels,
  • 1000x for the sign appearing 4 times across the reels,
  • 300x for the symbol appearing 3 times across the reels.

Split Symbol Feature is a feature in Cats slot game, which makes a major impact in multiplying wins and bonuses largely. For instance, each of the cat icons in the game appears in 2 different varieties, i.e., single and double symbols respectively.

For the single types, this will contain a single cat, and the double token will contain 2 kitties. The reason for the appearance of 2 kitties is because of the split sign, which assures the mode to function in the same way.

While the mode is underway, this is applicable for all the reels in the game. The winnings are calculated based on the number of matching kitties, which appears on a payline, and this will be calculated from left to right.

The second functionality of the feature is referred to as lucrative Split Symbol feature, which is represented with Cats slot free main game logo symbol. The purpose of the symbol will act as multipurpose Wilds.

It has an ability to replace all the low payout symbols of the game and the highest paying royal icon to complete a win. During the period of substitution of a symbol in the game of Cats slot, logo symbols are always analysed by the split symbol feature, which assures the payouts are productive by all means.

The Paw symbol of Cats is the free spin enabling icon. The punter is required to attain 5 or 6 paw prints, anywhere on the reels 2, 3, and 4, which will trigger the free spin bonus rounds in Cats slot.

The rewards for attaining 5 and 6 paw prints are 5 and 10 free spins respectively. The best part of the feature is a provision of the multipurpose arrangement of the split feature, which will assure Cats slot machine online game to provide more riches.

In-game Winning Tips

This betting casino machine is undoubtedly a game with organized bonus structure. Many may argue on the credibility and scoring chances, while playing the game, especially on how much will the Split feature really works.

Rest assured, any game with such payline structure as Cats slot, will assure split feature to appear more often, which is complemented by some other attractive features such as the free spin bonus and Wild symbols respectively.

Cats RTP

Cats Slot is a diplomatic gambling machine developed by IGT, a developer who has a sound vision of the online gambling industry and casinos. This is one reason, why they do not stick to one theme structure and have focussed on developing such an unheard theme, involving feline base.

Thus, Cats slot is a perfect reply to all the modern betting machine games, which have progressed in the right colours for quite some time. Cats slot RTP is 94.93%, which is definitely a motivator.

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