Castle Builder Slot

Castle Builder Slot
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Castle Builder is an iconic slot machine game from Rabcat software, which is reputed for having unorthodox and imaginative games. Likewise, Castle Builder is all about a medieval storyline, where there will be a requirement of building a palace, with an interesting storyline. The game has an eye-gluing graphics and settings, which is backed by an interesting story.

Characteristic Details of Castle Builder Slot

  • Jackpot Amount: 1000 GBP,
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes,
  • Free Spins: No,
  • Multiplier: No,
  • Scatter Symbol: No,
  • Wild Symbol: Yes,
  • Paylines: 15,
  • Reels: 5,
  • Lines: Fixed,
  • Manufacturer: Rabcat,
  • Highest Payout: 2000 coins,
  • RTP: 96.47%,
  • Volatility: Medium,
  • Autoplay: Yes,
  • Maximum and Minimum Bets: 0.01 to 15.00 GBP.

Jackpots to Care

Castle Builder is a brilliantly designed online slot machine game, which has given a brownie point to Rabcat Software, who has been on a roll ever since the game kicked off.

Castle Builder free promises a large variety of slot bonus options and modes, which easily attracts real money as well as free players largely.

Despite many having a feel to play this medieval-themed game, which conclusively has a great reputation of providing innovative rounds, promises a ride like no other. This is one reason why the storyline for this classic slot machine game interests the players.

This casino slot is a game, which is never short of surprises. With the storyline part continuing to build castles, some important symbols allow the payouts to stack up, which clearly include the Wilds.

This symbol in the game works out to replace all the low payout symbols, except the building symbols. What is more important is an ability to complete a new winning set, while the old symbols are replaced in a quick time.

Building Symbols: Castle Builder has this symbol, being among the favourites from the fan’s perspective. This is one option, which gives bonus bonanza more frequently. The developers explain about this option in Castle Builder online slot giving an update to the entire building process.

The symbol comes in 4 different colours, which includes bronze, silver, gold and standard. All these 4 symbols have a collective property that comes to complete the preparation of the estate house, and these symbols are to be collected from left to right only. The structure means:

  • Standard: The symbol is to be collected 2 per payline. With this symbol in Castle Builder slot, the bonus rounds kick off.
  • Bronze: The symbol is to be collected 3 per pay outlines.
  • Silver: The symbol is to be collected 4 per line, and plays an important formation to lead a final symbol in this gambling machine.
  • Gold: The symbol is to be collected 5 per pay outlines. This will complete the required material, which will allow for the construction of a fortress.

Like the four symbols being accumulated for the construction, the progress indicator will keep a track on the progress of a symbol building the entire structure.

For more and more collection of noble metal building symbols, the valuation of the palace will automatically increase at the end of the rounds.

Castle Builder casino slot online gives off the Royal Wedding mode that works once the construction of the building is over. The player will require choosing among 3 admirers (as the player will act as the heir).

This is an interesting round, as the decision will easily make or break the jackpot scores for the players. For the record, each admirer will not reveal his/her riches, until the royal wedding is completed.

In the end, the 3 admirers will be categorized under poor fellows (for scoring small wins), average (for medium wins) and finally really rich guys (for huge wins).

Points to See in Castle Builder

Castle Builder slot machine online is filled with avenues of scoring from all the angles, and it is unsurprisingly obvious where the players would love to invest. Of course, to complete the building palace rounds, this will give the access to accumulate payouts.

However, the point which most of the masses fail to notice while playing the game is the Royal Wedding feature promising to see the highest payouts that Castle Builder for real money slot machine will offer. Once the round is completed, the winner categorization will be out.

Castle Builder RTP

Castle Builder slot is an uncanny slot machine game, which has all the ingredients of providing surprises in plenty.

What one may not have thought about the bonuses and jackpot payouts in the initial part, will be taken back with an interesting bonus game proposition, which will feature the building of a beautiful fortress.

Castle Builder slot RTP is 96.47% in the reckoning, which is a great margin from the players’ point of view.

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