Cash Wizard Slot

Cash Wizard Slot
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What Is It All About?

That great film of the 1930s which talked about the story of the farm girl at Kansas still resonates up till today. Almost every generation should now know about the film by now. It is called The Wizard of Oz game. WMS Gaming now reminds us of the way the amazing young girl was carried away in a tornado. It is an emotional story that not only gives you the events surrounding the event but also tells you what it means to have a life.

As you learn about life in this game, you will also have a great chance to win an awesome prize for yourself if you are able to coordinate your game very well. In order to help you in your desire to win real money, we have decided to write this all-inclusive slot review about The Wizard of Oz slot. We have tried to touch every part of The Wizard of Oz free game by giving you the cogent rules that you need to keep and follow. What is needed from your own end is the willingness to read this review to an end and subsequently move on to play The Wizard of Oz slot for real money. If you are ready to embark on this journey to win real money, then come with us.

Cash Wizard RTP

This video slot has 5 reels and 30 paylines. It has the wild, bonus and free spins features. The least value of coins in a line is 1 while the highest number of coins that you see on a line is 1. Aside from this, the least amount of coins size that you can set is 0.01 while the highest amount of coins size that you can set is 5. The relationship between the betting amount and payout is directly proportional. This means that if your bet amount is high, you should expect to win a very high prize. The Wizard of Oz casino slot online has a jackpot of 10000x. That is amazing, isn’t it? Imagine you hitting this jackpot, you are in big money. Apart from all these great features that have been discussed so far, your high chance of getting a prize by playing this game is confirmed by the fact that Cash Wizard slot RTP is 93.99%.

High Rewarding Symbols

As you play The Wizard of Oz slot machine, the symbols you will come across include the tornado, a hot air balloon, the dog, the wicked witch, the house where Dorothy lives, three friends of Dorothy, a ruby slippers as well as Dorothy herself. The wild icon in this pokie is denoted by the Wizard of Oz logo while the Jackpot’s symbol is denoted by an Emerald City. This jackpot icon triggers the bonus features.

Unleash the Bonus Features

This pokie has some incredibly great bonus features. If you are able to hit the Emerald City icons on reels 1, 3, and 5, you have successfully triggered the bonus features. The screen that will pop up will put you through as to which choice you need to make. You will get to pick one of the following:

  • Cash Win: If you choose this, you will be given a cash prize
  • The Road to Emerald Feature: If you decide you pick this one, you will have the opportunity to win either cash or a trip to the ‘character land’. If your resolve is to go with the character land, you will have the Tin Man Apple Orchard, the Cowardly Lion Forest, Scarecrow Cornfield, and Wicked Witch Castle. You will then have the opportunity to click a gold charm that will unleash your prize. After this, the round is concluded.
  • Winged Monkey Feature: If you choose this feature, you will have nothing less than 8 free spins to yourself. At this same time, as you hit the feature, you will see some winged monkeys flying around and turning to wild icons that will allow you to complete more winning combinations.

Give It a Try

This is one of the most rewarding casino games available. With a return to player of 95.99% and a jackpot of 10000 coins, you need to give it a try.

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